Thursday, 29 December 2016

Coffee Stops in Melbourne: #4 The League of Honest Coffee


First impression the League of Honest Coffee gave to me was: the coffee was very sweet and creamy. I have to agree that this is one of the best cup of coffee in Melbourne.

I ordered a flat white at LoHC. In Australia (and NZ) if you want to drink milk coffee without add-ons like chocolate powder or cinnamon, flat white is your best choice. So my flat white was sweet, milk-chocolate-like using the cafe's house blend -- Daddy's Girl roasted by Padre Coffee Specialty Coffee Roaster. The DG is a blend of Columbia and India (sorry I wasn't paying enough attention on the bean's origin), which is aimed to give chocolaty and low acidity characteristic. I had a sip on Big Fish's chocolate-dusted cappuccino and it was equally impressive too!

ESPRESSO MACHINE: 3-group Slayer x2
ORDER: Milk/Espresso-based, whole bean

Like many other cafes we visited in Melbourne City, the coffee take-away crowds in LoHC was CRAZY. At first, we thought we have to wait a little longer to get our seat but it was not. People simply queuing up for the takeaways! We managed to get a table and had our yummilicious breakfast -- Chicken Avocado Toast and Vegemite Toast (both are Australian's proud creations!). We chose sourdough and immediately love it after the first bite.

Monday – Friday 7am - 4.30pm
Saturday 8am - 3pm


8 Exploration Lane, Melbourne


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