Saturday, 24 September 2016

D'Place @ Kepayan Perdana


It is quite difficult to get local food (I mean, Kadazan-dusun food) in a proper restaurant except for hotels (#shout-out: Le Meridien KK always have local food such as ambuyat, hinava & tuhau in the buffet menu!) and places like Pasar Tamu (equivalent to a farmers' market) Donggongon. Sometimes when I wanted to treat my friends from the Peninsular, I got no idea what kind of restaurant I should bring them over which represent Sabah!

D'Place could be one of the option to consider. No matter what you order at the restaurant, local delicacies such as bambangan, tuhau and hinava would never missing from the plate. Then we have the aromatic and sweet Nasi Linopot -- often rice and yam wrapped in leaves; Sabahan favourite fish -- ikan basung --  deep fried until crunchy from inside out, and bosou sada -- the fermented fish which has strong and unique taste of buah pangi.


Salted Fish with Calamansi

Sambal & Lada (chillies)

The Gulu-gulu Bamboo Rice Set:- Nasi Linopot and the condiments

Do you know what is the names of these side dishes

Ikan Basung
You can literally swallow the whole fish including bones, if you want >.<

Kadazan Set #2

There is no chicken dish, strange eh?



PHONE: 016-8332381


ADDRESS: E-36-2, 1st Floor, Kepayan Perdana, 88200 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Monday, 19 September 2016

Shoney's @ Gaya Street


Shoney's offering one of the best steak in town, said some foodies around me, which I couldn't agree more. That's my only warning advice -- Ask for the grills, a good cut of Autralian Angus Ribeye or Sirloin, request for medium or medium rare if you can take it, expect a juicy and flavorful piece of prime cut with some side dishes. Happy.

Same row as Tong Hing Supermarket

The serve alcoholic drinks here, but #SERVENOPORK

I really loved the tidbits -- deep fried wanton skin!

Lamb Shank - with Mashed Potatoes and Corn on Cob

Tenderloin with Grilled Vege and Fries



PHONE: 088-297 228


ADDRESS: 52 Jalan Gaya, Lorong Ewan, 88000 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Friday, 16 September 2016

San Da Gen Kopitiam @ Nak Hotel, Sandakan Old Town


When I traveled to Sandakan, I would normally spending my time around Sandakan Mile 4 (Bandar Indah & Bandar Prima) or IJM for accommodation, food and drinks. The old Sandakan city was once a busy port overseeing the Sulu Sea and known as the Little Hong Kong, now seems lacking of attractions and security. Well, this is not 100% true.

Sandakan Old Town -- not an official name but, I love to use this term to differentiate the old city and the new satellite townships such as Miles 4 and IJM, has more to offer. Recently I spent a night at the NAK Hotel -- one of the oldest hotel and an important landmark of Sandakan, to experience the morning ambient around. Woke up at 7 o'clock in the morning and already busy, but unlike other big cities in KL, Sandakan Old Town is too nostalgic for not compare to the scenes appeared in some 80's Malay movie on the telly.

Next to the hotel, the Local Bus Terminal is a busy place where passengers arrive with the 12 seater van and mini bus which connects the Old Town with the townships at the outer ring. Not to surprise when I saw a number of foreigners hopped on the mini bus heading to the famous Sepilok. I guessed they were suggested by the tourism websites or travel guide, because travel by local bus is always the best way to explore a destination, not to mention the cheapest too. Meanwhile, man power is still the trusted energy here, you can see people working on the street, pushing barrow with full loads of goods. Clock tick faster here in the morning, and goes slower towards noon...

The newly opened San Da Gen Kopitiam occupy a unit next to NAK Hotel. Opens from 8AM til 4PM, the kopitiam-style restaurant is managed by the same culinary team behind the renown Ba Lin Rooftop Restaurant. Do not expect traditional kopitiam-style here, but more like a fusion chic --- the interior of San Da Gen Kopitiam would already impress you, if not love-at-first-sight; The Ayam Penyet was a safe choice for me, it would be good as long as the fried chicken is well-spiced, tempeh is crispy and sambal is yum-meh. Unfortunately during my visit the restaurant was still under trial run and do not have much choices on the menu. Recently I saw some new dishes on their FB such as Durian Puff and Polo Bun. Can't wait to visit them for another time.

If the Sandakan Old Town is going to have more well-planned and designed, shopper-friendly restaurants/shops like San Da Gen Kopitiam, I believe more people who are now frequent the new townships, would come back to the old places.



PHONE: 089-238 988


ADDRESS: Jalan Pelabuhan Lama, 9000, Sandakan, Sabah

Monday, 12 September 2016

A Letter...

Dear Readers,

I hope this letter find you in good health and best of spirits.

If you know this site well / following my Instagram, I have been stopped renewing the post since early this year. I have been quite reluctant to go back on blogging because:

  1. Too busy at work
  2. Cannot commit amount of time and food reviews with my deary friends from the F&B industries (I miss you guys *sob*)
  3. F&B in #kkcity are expanding in a fast pace which require constant attention -- eg. there are a few outlets which have been closed or relocated. I simply do not have the time to get in touch with all of them and update it on my blog. In the end, my blog is outdated and eventually pointed my readers to an empty shop. I feel sorry if this happened to you, I know how disappoint it is, but I am just a part-time blogger... (blah blah blah too much excuses)
  4. Too lazy
To date, I am still getting quite a number of views, which I am quite surprised! I will try my best to avoid #3 to happen on you, my dearest readers. I am re-activating the blog. Thanks for the support!

Frankie (@foodiotkk


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