Sunday, 6 September 2015

INCH Coffee Movement + The B Side KK = ________________

POP-UP STORE | 5, 6, 12 & 13 SEP 15 | 2PM - 6PM | THE B SIDE KK

I believed coffee lovers or cafe-goers in KK would never imagine what happens when 2 best cafe collaborate with each other.

What a surprise! INCH COFFEE MOVEMENT is currently brewing at The B Side KK on the following dates:

5/9 (Saturday)
6/9 (Sunday)
12/9 (Saturday)
13/9 (Sunday)

INCH Coffee Movement (Tg Lipat Warehouse) officially "take leave" since last Monday, they are going to re-open at a new location but we gonna wait a little longer until they are ready. For the time being, pourover lovers (and coffee addicts) would be able to get your caffein dose from INCH at The B Side KK!

The collaboration
Picture taken from The B Side KK's FB

INCH at the B Side

- From The B Side KK: Carrot Cake
The carrot cake is well spiced and complete with roasted nuts, love it.
- From INCH: El-Salvador Himalaya “Supersonic” Natural
The El-Salvador is roasted by The Roast Thing, which is made up of Burbon and Caturra; El-Salvador is a Centre America country neighbouring Honduras and Guatemala. Himalaya is the name of the farm "Finca Himalaya" located at the Apaneca region with 1350m elavation above sea level. According to the roaster, the tasting notes of this coffee are "lemonade, red currants, creamy body".


Besides the #bettercoffeekk collaboration with the INCH, B Side also feature a mni solo art exhibition "The Embedded Fragments" by local artist Deanna Maria 

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