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The Art Factory 2015 - Photo Collections (Day 1: 8/8/15)

The <Art Market> of The Art Factory 2015 (hashtag: #taf2015) has attracted more vendors than the first edition! This year, there are over 30 stalls selling digital prints (from drawing / art works), books, art materials, hand craft / craft work... etc. And they also finally invited food vendors to join TAF! There are two of them (INCH Coffee Movement is always there selling delicious coffee so I didn't count them in la!): Sammich KK and KK Food Truck (Bell's Burger). Here are some highlights of the day:

Fabric Fanatics
Intro: Supplying various types of fabric/cloths for your creative handcrafts

Last Dandelion
Intro: Digital prints, art cards and post cards from Elena Kravchenko's art work

The Pink DinosoAr
Intro: Handmade jewelries especially from polymer clay and zipper bags

Intro: Handmade jewelries with wires and colorful stones

PTPL College
Intro: Racing car model with cardboard and upcycle items

Ink Factory
Intro: Hand paintings

Su Chung and his Epson Printer 

Sabah Pottery and rattan products

Magic Borneo Beads
Intro: Borneon-influenced beads necklace, bracelet etc, they take custom-made orders as well as running workshops to teach people how to DIY beads jewelries

The Blackpuppeteer
Intro: Two little creatures in submarine-suit are created by two sisters, they have cards, magnets, earrings and others. The Blackpuppeteer are almost sold out on Day 1!

Cute-looking earrings and pendants

Pendants from the Blackpuppeteer

Intro: Tools and materials for Figures and Dolls, they are running an online store too!

Clement and Mariah

Intro: Wooden homemade signages for your home, from Sabah

Mondo Borneo
Intro: Mostly in Black & White, the creator is influenced by heavy metal and horror movie...

Intro: T-shirts, Tote Bags, Pillows and other fabric products printed with a methodology called - Silkscreen Prining


Sukka Project

The Sukka Project's paper mâché

The Sukka Project

The Weirdo's Kaleidoscope + Deannerd + RakkiNasu

Deannerd's Keychain and stickers for sale

The Weirdo's Kaleidoscope



The TAF2015 stage

Cally's Craft
Intro: The Dreamcatcher's expert

JF Productions
Intro: Some practical creations (eg. decorative table lamp) using upcycled pipes etc 

JF Productions

Intro: Crochets, classroom and all about the cotton balls

Intro: Fixi is a publisher from KL who publish books for local writers

Taken from #taf2015's FB:
With the success of last year’s The Art Factory, we are bringing you even more excitement in your weekend with fun and inspiration filled creative activities this year.

As quoted by Steve Jobs, ‘Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish’, will be this year’s theme. It’s a meaningful quote telling each and every one of us to never be satisfied and having the dare to make unconventional decisions.

Be keen, keep yearning to seek and learn new things. Keep your desire burning and never be afraid to step out of the box.

Be ridiculous and be crazy, don’t let yourself be trapped in a rigid state of mind. The world has lots of adventures and we need to keep exploring.

Here in The Art Factory, we encourage all people to explore new things, express themselves and never hesitate to show their colours, talent and potential. Make it count and go after what you want no matter what.

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