Saturday, 9 May 2015

70 Years Cincau / Leong Fun @ Kedai Yap Syn Kee, Sandakan


Simple and nice, this 50 years wooden sundry shop called Kedai Yap Syn Kee at the roadside of Jalan Sibuga/Jalan Cecily has something special in every Sandakan people's memory --  Yap Gui Leong Fun / Cincau / Grass Jelly (叶贵凉粉), which is existed in Sandakan since 70 years ago!

50 years? 70 years? Let me get the stories right:

70 years ago, the grass jelly making business was started by the late Yap Gui at his sundry shop (Yap Gui Sundry Shop 叶贵杂货店) which has been abolished many years ago, and replaced by the then 50 years old Kedai Yap Syn Kee (literally translated as "The new Yap's Shop". The "new" sundry shop is currently operated by the 3rd and 4th generation of Yap Family, as well as the grass jelly-making. There is no "soya cincau" here but only two options: Grass jelly with syrup & shaved ice, and grass jelly with evaporated milk & shaved ice. Grass jelly was cut into 1cm cubes

Yap Gui Leong Fun at Kedai Yap Syn Kee 

Grass Jelly with Evaporated Milk - Small (RM1.50) 

Grass Jelly With Syrup - Large (RM2)

Happy BigFish got her best remedy during the hot day =)

The late Yap Gui started this grass jelly-making business since 50 years ago and now, it is with the hands of the 3rd and 4th generations of Yap Family 

Kedai Yap Syn Kee maybe not the original Yap Gui Sundry Shop, but the stories of Yap Family and their grass jelly still continue... 



Jalan Sibuga / Jalan Cecily, Sandakan
(Near "Pan Gu" Temple 盤古廟 )


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Unknown said...

Thank you for posting this.

My house before is not far from this place and it's so nice to see a glimpse of my childhood here.

I agree, their grass jelly is so great and taste better and I hate to admit that there's no grass jelly I ate until now taste this good.

Greetings from Indonesia!!! :)


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