Sunday, 5 April 2015

Straits Kitchen @ Grand Hyatt Singapore

HALAL | HAWKERS' STYLE BUFFET DINNER | 6.30PM - 10.30PM | +65 67321234

Expects to get the best collections of Singaporean hawkers' style food here at the Straits Kitchen, Grand Hyatt Singapore. Located at the republic's busiest shopping / business district Ochard Road, Straits Kitchen is among the Tatler's Singapore TOP 200 Best Restaurants 2015 Guide. The restaurant which featured the Strait's Chinese, Malay and Indian cuisines, is given 4 stars out of 5 by the annual guide!

My picks of the "Must Try Food" here are: local's favourite Hainan Chicken Rice, Singapore Chillies Crab, popiah (spring roll), satay (bbq chicken or beef skewer), Chicken & Fish Tandoori with Saffron Basmati Rice and Paneer Tikka, fruits rojak (salad with dark soy sauce), and the "hidden" Durian ice cream - do ask the crew for this extra creamy dessert, you will understand why they have to hide the Durian ice cream.

Straits Kitchen

Fruits Section

Straits Kitchen

Straits Kitchen


The traditional way of preparing satay is on charcoal fire, like they did in the Straits Kitchen. Not on electrical grill.

Hot Wok Section @ Straits Kitchen

Taste of India @ Straits Kitchen

Taste of India @ Straits Kitchen

Chicken Tandori

Popiah in making

Good to try, but the Singaporean's version is too sweet to my liking.
I preferred KL-style.

Rojak or Fruits salad in dar soy sauce and shrimp paste

Assorted Nyonya Kuih
Baba & Nyonya's culture is an integral part of Straits Settlements, and so reflects in the food.
Nyonya Kuihs are often eaten as breakfast, afternoon tea, desserts or any form of eating you can imagine, they can be either sweet or savoury, too! 

Tapioca's Cake - an example of Nyonya Kuih

Hainanese Chicken Rice - a proud of Singaporean cuisine

My choice of Indian Food - Chicken and Fish Tandoori, Panaar and Naan Bread


The Egg Fried Raddish Cake was pretty good too!

Double Bouled Seafood Soup

The food quality at the Straits Kitchen are easily above average, considering this is a hotel's buffet dinner. Strongly recommended for travellers who are short of time (or courage :D) to visit the hawkers stall. SGD 55++ for adult, SGD 30++ for child.




RESERVATION: +65 67321234

10 Scotts Road, Lobby Level
Grand Hyatt Singapore
Singapore 228211


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