Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Ninja Returns @ Burger King Centrepoint Sabah


In conjunction with the launching of Burger King Malaysia's "Ninja Returns" campaign, we were invited to join the joy of having the popular "Black Burger" at the Burger King Centrepoint Sabah (hashtag #BurgerKingSabah).

Ninja Returns Promo at Burger King Centrepoint Sabah

There are 4 types of Ninja Burgers:

  1. Ninja Beef Burger (RM16.95)
  2. Ninja Deluxe Beef Burger (RM19.95) ⇦ RECOMMENDED!!!
  3. Ninja Chicken Burger (RM15.95)
  4. Ninja Deluxe Chicken Burger (RM18.95) 

All comes with fries and soft drink.

The "charcoal burger" concept, originally from Japan hit Malaysian burger joints since two-three years ago, simply because eating a black-bun burger is cool! Some countries' Burger King outlets especially in Japan, even the cheese and sauce of the BK Ninja Burger are in black, too! Wow!!!

According to some studies, bamboo charcoal - the key ingredient of a black burger bun, is believed to have the ability to cleanse away toxin in our body. Well, I do doubt how little efftect of the charcoal can done to our body since the "dossage" is pretty small :D

I guess you do not actually care about this, don't you?

The Ninja Burger comes with Charcoal Bun, grilled patty (Whopper® Patty for the beef), Caramelized Onion (yum!), Mayonaise and the most important ingredient: the Teriyaki Sauce!

Burger King Centrepoint Sabah is the only BK outlet in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah offering the Ninja Burgers.

Cozy corner of Burger King Centrepoint Sabah

The Ninja Deluxe Beef  Burger


A set meal starts from RM15.95 

Very juicy inside

The BK CPS team

Ninja Deluxe Chicken
This burger uses whole piece of boneless chicken meat and very very tender

Burger King, located next to Watsons Pharmacy

Do "follow" Burger King Sabah's Facebook and follow their Instagram account @burgerkingsabah.

CONTACT: 088-252433

FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/burgerkingkk

Ground Floor, Centrepoint Sabah,
88000 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah


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