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[The Interview] David & Vincent @ INCH Coffee Movement, Kota Kinabalu


VENUE: INCH Coffee Movement, CAD Sabah, Kota Kinabalu
DATE: 31 December 2014
PEOPLE: David & Vincent Lee


(David = D, Vincent = V)

Are you a barista, owner, or Jack of All Trades in INCH Coffee Movement? 
D: Jack of All Trades
V: I am a Coffee Lover (But this is not in the Option!)

So tell me, since when you started to drink coffee?
D: About 15?
V: 12 year old!

I thought it could be earlier! Okay, can you still remember what is the first ever cafe you visited?
D: Coffee Bean? Starbucks? Coffee Bean?!! Starbucks?!!! (Let me know when you make up your mind. Next question!)
V: Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

Expresso or Pour Over?
D: I love it as long as it is a good coffee
V: Same as David

Okay, nowadays many pretty girls love to have latte art like a heart-shape or polar bear on their coffee. So do you make latte art?
D + V: YES!!!

Great answer! I wish many pretty girls see this interview *AHEM*, and I also believe many coffee lovers have started to know more about what is hidden inside the cup. What kind of coffee bean do you like at the moment?
D:  I liked Ethiopian, Panama and Kenya
V:  I preferred something fruity and floral

Besides INCH, where else would you go for coffee in KK?
D: I normal go to B Side at Lido Square, October Cafe at The Peak Vista and Pregio at Metrotown
V: Same as David...

Hmm... I always visited these 3 cafes too! So as a customer, what are you expecting from a cafe? (Choosing from a long list...)
D: I would like to see if the cafe are offering any specialty coffee bean
V: I am happy to see people that’s enthusiastic about their own coffee

I do love to see cafe with pretty barista or cashier *This ain't a request Ahem*

David showed me how does a Kalita Wave coffee filter works. It's amazing to learn that cafe-quality coffee is so easy to archieve with this device. Great design! 

David of INCH Coffee Movement

Brewing a Ethiopian

The INCH people

Say bye-bye to paper cups, INCH is selling this leak-proof coffee cup suitable for take-away

Vincent of INCH Coffee Moment


INCH Coffee Movement

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