Sunday, 11 January 2015

Nunpat Korean Dessert Cafe @ Oceanus Waterfront KK

SERVE NO PORK | KOREAN DESSERTS | 10AM - 12AM | 013-8867558

I wonder why Malaysian are so crazy about Korean - everything about Korean! Korean Drama (the lover finally discovered they are actually siblings...), Korean Song (did somebody just mentioned Hyuna?), Korean BBQ (at least once per month!), Samsung, travelling to Korea and now, the Korean Dessert!!!

The latest landmark of Kota Kinabalu - Oceanus Waterfront KK finally open for business last December. While most of the shops are still under renovation or yet to be occupied, this dessert brand from Daegu (대구/大邱), South Korea suddenly make a hype among the foodies/foodiots in KK! Nunpat Dessert Cafe offers 5 types of Bingsu (Korean: Shaved Ice), Red Bean Desserts (such as Red Bean Soup), coffee, tea and cakes.

Bingsu is made from frozen milk - shaved into smoothy-soft ice and topped with Red Bean, Chocolate or other ingredients, depending on which bingsu you ordered. This type of shaved ice is not new to me, in fact, there are other eatery brand offering the similar type of dessert. If Nunpat is going to keep the crowd coming, they must maintain the quality and the good spirit of South Korean.

Foodies are very picky over their food LOL

Nunpat Korean Dessert Cafe

Nunpat is selling some tea from Jeju Island
Grab it!

Nunpat Korean Dessert Cafe

"I will call you later"

Patgi Bingsu (RM15.80) - or Patbingsu, is a red bean bingsu
The red bean is cooked until soft and not over sweetened, just right to pair with the milky shaved ice 

With 4 small pieces of mochi on top =)

FOODIOT'S POINT: 85% (Would come back again to try other desserts^^ )


CONTACT: 013-8867558

Ground Floor,
Oceanus Waterfront KK,
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
(Next to Starbucks Coffee)


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