Saturday, 31 January 2015

Fruto Juice Bar @ Oceanus Waterfront Mall, KK


Not many fruit juice specialty stall / shops in KK, apart from the Fruits Talk ( at Marketplace 88 who are also selling desserts and light snacks, the newly opened Fruto Juice Bar at Oceanus Waterfront Mall is the latest addition to this niche section of F&B.

Fruto is 100% locally owned and there are two main categories of healthy beverage offered here: The Froothies and the Frupresso. The Froothies - derived from "fruits" and "smoothies", uses 100% cocktail of fruits or vegetables, or BOTH! To make sure it is packed with good protein, some drinks are ice blended with nuts and seeds too! For an instant example: Creamy Carrot (RM10.90 - small / RM11.90 - large) contains carrots, cashew nuts, cranberries and coconut water. While Turmeric Heat Cleanser (similar price) - the vegetable-based smoothies, is richly packed with hefty 9 types of ingredients: Romaine Lettuce (here come your Caesar Salad, sir!) , spinach, turmeric, ginger, pineapple, mango, coconut milk, coconut water and lemon.

Froothies are ice-blended type of healthy drink, which is also rich in fibre due to the ingredients used. Frupresso however, are fruit juices extracted by using a Cold-Pressed juicer. There are a lot of scientific claims prove that nutrients (especially vitamins) of the fruits can be well preserved with Cold-Pressed technology. I ordered the Bloody Black Mary (RM11.90 - small / RM12.90 - large) which is made with spinach, celery, goji berry, tomato, carrot, pumpkin seeds, cayenne pepper and black salt - it turned out to be a little hot after-taste but generally it was great! Creamy Pinepaya (a Froothies with pineapple, papaya, lemon, coconut cream and cocout water) taste delicious too!

Fruto Juice Bar - 1st Floor, Oceanus Waterfront Mall

They are having launching promo during our visit, 2 weeks ago

The Froothies and Frupresso

All ingredients used here are fresh - the juice bar is open concept, so you can view every thing the mixologist do!

Feel free to add almond, pumpkin seed or toasted coconut flakes to your drinks

The Creamy Pinepaya

Front: Bloody Black Mary

FOODIOT'S POINT: 87% (Impressive! Worth to try!)


CONTACT: 088-273426


Level 1, Oceanus Waterfront Mall,
Jalan Tun Fuad Stephen,
88000 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Mad Ben Cafe @ Gaya Street, Kota Kinabalu


Benedict Lim is mad, and he wants everyone to know about it.

Mad Ben Cafe was opened merely two months ago at Gaya Street and already attracted a number of foodies to pay visit for the great food offered here. Among 50 types of Starters and Mains on the menu, I would personally recommend the Herbs Chicken Wing (also called Boxing Chicken) - 4pcs, Lamb Pizza and the creamy pasta.

The Sodas were excellent too especially during any hot day but coffee do need some improvement.

Madben @ Gaya Street

Madben @ Gaya Street

Madben @ Gaya Street

Lychee and Orange Soda (RM7 each)

Carbonara Pasta (RM16)

Lamb Pizza (RM14)
***Recommended for lamb lover, like me***

Herbs Chicken Wing (RM8)
***MUST TRY***

Crispy outside and tender inside

Madben Salad (RM10)
With smoked salmon and toasted almond flakes

Grain Fed Ribeye with Fries (RM30) 

Medium well, my preferred way of doneness for steak =)

Seafood Chowder (RM10)
With generous portion of mixed seafood

The logo of Madben is a deer with horn, why not a meme of Ben himself? :P



CONTACT: 088-255073


ADDRESS: Lot 121, Jalan Gaya, 88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah


Saturday, 17 January 2015

[Event] Latte Art Competition @ Le Meridien Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

I was proud to be one of the judges together with Travel Writter Chloe and Food Blogger Sabaheats for a Latte Art Competition held at Le Meridien Kota Kinabalu, Sabah on Friday evening. Participated by the hotel's staffs as part of the in-house activity, the Latte Art Competition was loosely described as "Destination-Inspired Latte Art", required every cafe apprentice showcase the latte art which unlocked a Sabahan's favourite destination. It was a fun evening together with Le Meridien Kota Kinabalu team while sipping a few cups of Illy coffee and witnessed Master Batista Azlan's skill in pouring a great latte art. What an eye opener for all of us!

Charlene from the Marketing was making her latte
She is the winner of the competition!

Le Meridien KK

Edmund was showing his skill

May's turn to unlock her favourite destination in Sabah

Who made this? Interesting & cute Latte Art :)

Another contestant

Every contestant was given 2 chances to prepare the best pour

Master Barista Azlan was "disqualified" from the competition :P
Because he is already a master! Sure win bah~~


A Sun Bear - made by Azlan

The bloggers

Le Meridien KK

Le Meridien KK is offering coffee from famous Italian Gourmet Coffee brand - Illy

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Nunpat Korean Dessert Cafe @ Oceanus Waterfront KK

SERVE NO PORK | KOREAN DESSERTS | 10AM - 12AM | 013-8867558

I wonder why Malaysian are so crazy about Korean - everything about Korean! Korean Drama (the lover finally discovered they are actually siblings...), Korean Song (did somebody just mentioned Hyuna?), Korean BBQ (at least once per month!), Samsung, travelling to Korea and now, the Korean Dessert!!!

The latest landmark of Kota Kinabalu - Oceanus Waterfront KK finally open for business last December. While most of the shops are still under renovation or yet to be occupied, this dessert brand from Daegu (대구/大邱), South Korea suddenly make a hype among the foodies/foodiots in KK! Nunpat Dessert Cafe offers 5 types of Bingsu (Korean: Shaved Ice), Red Bean Desserts (such as Red Bean Soup), coffee, tea and cakes.

Bingsu is made from frozen milk - shaved into smoothy-soft ice and topped with Red Bean, Chocolate or other ingredients, depending on which bingsu you ordered. This type of shaved ice is not new to me, in fact, there are other eatery brand offering the similar type of dessert. If Nunpat is going to keep the crowd coming, they must maintain the quality and the good spirit of South Korean.

Foodies are very picky over their food LOL

Nunpat Korean Dessert Cafe

Nunpat is selling some tea from Jeju Island
Grab it!

Nunpat Korean Dessert Cafe

"I will call you later"

Patgi Bingsu (RM15.80) - or Patbingsu, is a red bean bingsu
The red bean is cooked until soft and not over sweetened, just right to pair with the milky shaved ice 

With 4 small pieces of mochi on top =)

FOODIOT'S POINT: 85% (Would come back again to try other desserts^^ )


CONTACT: 013-8867558

Ground Floor,
Oceanus Waterfront KK,
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
(Next to Starbucks Coffee)


RM6.50 Pasta @ Pasta Pasta, Gaya Street KK

SERVE NO PORK | ITALIAN PASTA | 11AM - 9PM | 088-280790

Gaya Street is the Central Business District (CBD) and the most popular tourist spots of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Many hotels and restaurants can be found along the street, range from budget to expensive hotels and eateries, which make Kota Kinabalu a great place for every travellers. I bet no other place in Malaysia can find a portion of pasta this cheap -- AT ONLY RM6.50, you get to choose from 6 types of pasta, 4 types of sauces and 7 types of toppings! Just choose one from each category, for example: you get a Classic Carbonara by choosing:

Pasta = Spaghetti
Sauce = Cream Sauce
Topping = Italian Sausage or Streaky Beef & Mushroom (supposingly bacon) 

They will cook for you, for sure. Each pasta is made to order, which merely took about 10min. Unfortunately during our visit they were out of cheese.

No cheese for Italian food?!!

Pasta Pasta, conveniently located at Gaya Street, Kota KInabalu, Sabah

No pork, No alcohol

Pasta Pasta

Budget eatery at Gaya Street, which is full of budget hotels

Pasta Pasta

Chef at work

Chef at work

Pasta Pasta

Spaghetti + Tomato + Minced Beef 

Farfalle + Cream Sauce + Italian Sausage

Pasta Pasta


Pasta Pasta offer you up to 150+ combinations of pasta, if you are good at math.



CONTACT: 088-280790


108, Gaya Street,
88000 Kota Kinabalu,
Sabah, Malaysia



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