Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Capsule by Container Hotel @ KLIA2


What would you normally do when you have a few hours of free time at the airport?

A) Shopping, or window shopping
B) Sit at a Starbucks/cafe, Facebook-ing until phone/laptop's battery flat
C) Sit at any place of the airport and take a nap / Sleep at the lounge or Departure Hall
D) Try not to go to the airport too early!

I believe most people will choose "D", but how about those who are waiting for a connecting flight which is more than 6 hours, or even longer? Besides being "Try not to book a connecting flight which is more than 6 hours", you can actually spend your time at:

  1. Tune Hotel KLIA2 - 10 minutes walk from the Arrival Hall, suitable for those who have another flight the next day. Price: Starting from RM190++ per room per night
  2. Plaza Premier Lounge - Located within the KLIA2, suitable for traveller who are waiting for a connecting flight within the next few hours. Price: USD41 for 2 hours use of Lounge or USD54 for 3 hours use of Single Room with bed and shower (As per website). Wifi, light food, tea & coffee are provided.
  3. Capsule by Container Hotel - 15 minutes walk from the Arrival Hall, good for travellers who don't mind to share bathroom and not too fussy on the sleeping environment. Clean towel and locker is provided. Shampoo and shower gel in the bathroom. Price: RM45 / 3 hours or RM70 / 6hrs or RM90 /12hrs.

My friend and I actually paid RM15 for the use of shower at the Capsule by Container Hotel. That's pretty cheap, right? Not only we got ourselves freshen up but also got a chance to see what Capsule hotel is offering.

Similar to the its sister's hotel -- The Capsule Hotel at Jalan Delima, KL, the rooms is constructed and modified from reuseable freight container, each contain several CapSpace. The idea are inspired by the Capsule hotels found in Japan and the use of sustainable materials for building the hotel rooms.

How to use Capsule Hotel?

Capsule by Container Hotel

Constructed by freight containers and many steel / racks


CapSpace and the lounge

My friend enjoying his moment

CATEGORY: Youth Hostel / Backpackers / Airport Lounge

PRICE: RM45 - RM90 (RM15 for Shower Only)

FACILITIES: Shared Bathroom, Common Area

PHONE: 03-76102020


LOCATION: Level 1, Gateway @ KLIA2 (Next to Taxi / Bus Station of KLIA2)

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