Monday, 29 September 2014

Sabah Fröz Ice Creamery @ The Ice Cream Stall at Sutera Harbour Marina Jetty


There is this ice cream stall at Sutera Harbour Marina Jetty, nearby the SeaQuest Watersport Centre, selling the all new Born-in-Sabah premium ice cream -- the Sabah Fröz Ice Creamery!

Yes bro, we are not talking about Ice Cream Potong here yer~~

Sabah Fröz Ice Creamery is offering the following flavours in a small cups: Tenom Coffee, Ranau Teh Tarik, Tawau Chocolate, API-API Bandung, Beaufort Vanilla, Goji Berry and Tongkat Ali. We tried Ranau Teh Tarik and API-API Bandung ice cream, and found that the Ranau Teh Tarik has smoothier texture compared to API-API Bandung. Flavour-wise, both are very very rich!

Ranau Teh Tarik and API-API Bandung
I wonder why Bandung is related to Api-api?  

Order your ice cream (beer and some light food is available too) here!

Very creamy Teh Tarik Ice Cream!

Rose-flavour (Bandung) Ice Cream

Sun is hot, ice cream is cold.
Eating too much, will become "fei-low"
(In cantonese: means fatty)

The Ice Cream Stall at Sutera Harbour Marina Jetty

FOODIOT'S POINT: 80% (Only available in very limited places)

BUSINESS HOUR: When the sun is up (I am not sure actually :P  )

PHONE: 014-569 2917 (Sabah Froz Ice Creamery's contact number)

Sutera Harbour Marina Jetty,
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
(Next to SeaQuest Watersport Centre)

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