Monday, 29 September 2014

Sabah Fröz Ice Creamery @ The Ice Cream Stall at Sutera Harbour Marina Jetty


There is this ice cream stall at Sutera Harbour Marina Jetty, nearby the SeaQuest Watersport Centre, selling the all new Born-in-Sabah premium ice cream -- the Sabah Fröz Ice Creamery!

Yes bro, we are not talking about Ice Cream Potong here yer~~

Sabah Fröz Ice Creamery is offering the following flavours in a small cups: Tenom Coffee, Ranau Teh Tarik, Tawau Chocolate, API-API Bandung, Beaufort Vanilla, Goji Berry and Tongkat Ali. We tried Ranau Teh Tarik and API-API Bandung ice cream, and found that the Ranau Teh Tarik has smoothier texture compared to API-API Bandung. Flavour-wise, both are very very rich!

Ranau Teh Tarik and API-API Bandung
I wonder why Bandung is related to Api-api?  

Order your ice cream (beer and some light food is available too) here!

Very creamy Teh Tarik Ice Cream!

Rose-flavour (Bandung) Ice Cream

Sun is hot, ice cream is cold.
Eating too much, will become "fei-low"
(In cantonese: means fatty)

The Ice Cream Stall at Sutera Harbour Marina Jetty

FOODIOT'S POINT: 80% (Only available in very limited places)

BUSINESS HOUR: When the sun is up (I am not sure actually :P  )

PHONE: 014-569 2917 (Sabah Froz Ice Creamery's contact number)

Sutera Harbour Marina Jetty,
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
(Next to SeaQuest Watersport Centre)

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Twenty2 Crust Pizza @ Tambunan, Sabah

SERVE NO PORK | PIZZA | 11AM - 9PM | 016-8247373 | TAMBUNAN

Can you believe that? There is a pizzeria at Tambunan, Sabah! And strangely it's not by Pizza Hut!!! Twenty2 Crust Pizza is located not far from Tambunan's Shell Petrol Station and Tambunan Hospital. They are offering some pizza not unknown to public -- such as the Hawaian Chicken (chicken with pineapple), Pepperroni (for beef sausage lover!), Smoked Chicken Marinara (they smoked the chicken breast and mixed with tomato sauce), and Twenty2 Supreme (I had this!). Open daily between 11AM until 9PM during weekday and Sunday (10PM on Saturday), Twenty2 Crust also provide "tapau" (take-away) and delivery service around Tambunan area. Cool!

Twenty2 Crust Pizza's Menu (Taken from FB)

This is how the pizzeria looks like! If you are driving from KK, its on your left after pass by Shell Petrol Station

Twenty2 Crust Pizza, opened since May 2013

Twenty2 Supreme (RM25)
All pizza are 12 inches which is equivalent to Pizza Hut's large pan pizza (priced more than RM30!)

Twenty2 Supreme is a tomato based pizza with Minced Beef, Pepperoni, Mushroom and Olive 

You can ask for thin crust pizza instead of this pan pizza

FOODIOT'S POINT: 78% (Will come again!)

11AM - 9PM (Monday - Friday)
11AM - 10PM (Saturday)
12PM - 9PM (Sunday)

016-8247373 (For enquiry and pizza delivery)


Along the Kota Kinabalu-Tambunan-Keningau Road, if you are driving from KK, Twenty2 Crust is located on your left after pass-by Tambunan's Shell Petrol Station and Hospital Tambuanan. Before Tambunan Town.


Saturday, 27 September 2014

"Tagal" At The Moyog River, Penampang, Sabah

"Tagal" means "No Fishing" in Kadazandusun Language, and this apply to rivers. The main reason? Conservation I supposed.

No fishing is allowed at certain part of the river to ensure biological sustainability. At the Tagal zone, authorities and village people would ensure the environment and hence, the river's ecosystem is well protected, Such efforts are included, but not limited to -- the "no fishing" rule.

The first Tagal area I went in Sabah is Sungai Moroli at Kampung Luanti, 15min drive from Ranau (3 hours+ drive from Kota Kinabalu). By paying some entrance fee which also served as the cleaning fee, you can enjoy "fish spa" by the fresh water fish found there.

Then I found another river with Tagal area much nearer to Kota Kinabalu. There are two Tagal at Sungai Moyog of Penampang: One at Kampung Babagon, another one at Tinopikon Park. Both locations are conveniently located merely 10 minutes drive from Donggongon Town, or 45 minutes drive from KK, along the Donggongon-Tambunan Road.

Arriving at the first Tagal zone - as my friend Charles Marshal said: this place provide free car wash!
And he is not kidding -- cars crossing the Moyog River here!

People picnic, barbeque and swimming here at Tagal Kg. Babagon, Sg. Moyog

Shall I jump in? Hehe....

Good place for group activity, really!

Here we go to the second Tagal visit at the Tinopikon Park, Kampung Notoruss where the same Moyog river passes by. If you are driving from KK / Donggongon, after passed by the Babagon Dam signage on you left (or after the Kg. Babagon Tagal's "Big Fish" Signage), drive further 3 minutes and start looking for a small signboard written "Simpang Ke Tagal Taman Tinopikon, Kg. Notoruss" on your right. Don't be surprised with the small parking space here, walk down the route and you shall see the hanging bridge and the Tagal.

Tinopikon Park, at Kg. Notoruss, just merely 3 min drive after passed by the entrance to Kampung Babagon (or the Babagon Dam signage), along the Donggongon-Tambunan Road

Holding you hand in an "O" shape, the fishes will approach and start "biting" you

What a nice place!

Beautiful river

Want to swim? The Tinopikon Park is divided into 2 parts - this part on the photo allow people to swim! 

AHHH~~~ Don't bite our legs!!! We are not FOOD!!!

One said: Tagal created an opportunity for our children to swim with the fish.

This is very true.

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Miso Japanese Restaurant (RELOCATED) @ Kepayan Point, KK


Remember the Japanese restaurant at Karamunsing Capital, Kota Kinabalu which has a mural of a Japanese Lady in Kimono? Click here to read my older blogpost about the Miso Japanese Restaurant. Recently they relocated the business to Kepayan Point, a commercial centre along Jalan Pintas Penampang. The new place is slightly smaller compared to the last venue, but still offering revolving sushi and some other Japanese food, such as sashimi, teppenyaki, bento and temaki -- almost everything you are expecting from a Japanese restaurant, you could find'em on the menu.

Ochazuke お茶漬け (RM13)

Ochazuke comes from the words "ocha", which means green tea, and "zuke", which means soaked.
So, Ochazuke is eaten with added green tea to a bowl of white rice with some savoury condiments such as tuna flakes, roasted sesame and seeweed flakes. Normally Ochazuke is eaten as a quick meal, and because the rice does not come with any meat (with the exception of tuna flakes which doesn't fill up the tummy), it is eaten as side dish.

Oyakodon 親子丼 (RM12)One of the most popular "rice bowl" dishes in Japanese cuisine, Oyakodon is a combination of braised chicken meat and egg in gravy, served on top of a bowl of hot rice.

Salmon Temaki (RM7)
Temaki, or hand roll, with generous portion of salmon sashimi. Unfortunately the seaweed is too soggy when served, it should be crispy.

Ika Teppanyaki in Butter Sauce (RM13)
Ika = squid^^

Soft Kani Temaki (RM7)
Or Soft Shell Crab Hand Roll you should called it :)
Very creamy~ yum!

The mural that I mentioned earlier on!

Compliment ice cream from Miso, and this is their practice since at the old place, too!
Can I have a second scoop, please?

Miso Japanese Restaurant, same row as Senheng Electricals Shop




Ground Floor, Kepayan Point,
Jalan Penampang By-Pass,
88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
(Same row as Senheng Electrical Store)


Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Omma's Oven - The Bakery Who Makes Wholesome Bun @ Lintas Plaza, KK

SERVE NO PORK | BAKERY | 10.00AM - 5.30PM | 016-2088793

Shirley and Jennifer's grandmum and mum are running a Vegetarian Restaurant at Lintas Plaza since many years ago. According to the younger sister (or is it elder? Hmmm need to find out later) Shirley, before they started Omma's Oven, they are already selling some healthy bread at the restaurant, but only until recentlly they moved to this little cosy bakery, just nearby.

FYI, Omma means mum in Korean, but they are no Korean.

BTW most people come to Omma's Oven and bring home the popular wholemeal buns and breads, included some varieties of seeds-added wholemeal and low sugar bread which are healthier and suitable for diabetic. The benifits of consuming whole grain bread (or products made of whole grain flour) including:

  1. Reducing the risk of Type II Diabetes (our body tend to digest whole grain slower than refined grain, so spikes in blood sugar level will be prevented) - Also good for diabetes patients
  2. Improving Coronary Health by reducing LDL (a.k.a. The Bad Cholesterol) and Triglycerides.

Choose to take-home or dine-in, just pick your bread from the glass display cabinet and ask Omma's Oven to re-heat the bread (if you wanted to), they can help to cut the bread for you, too. Despite dine-in is possible at the Omma's Oven, the menu is quite limited. According to Shirley, at the beginning stage they wanted to focus on the healthy bread-making before discover more into other food and beverage.

By 12PM, this cabinet will be full of breads and buns :)
There are about 14 types of buns offered and increasing / changing

Breads at Omma's Kitchen

Very simple Tenom Coffee is offered here

Sweetened milk in case you want your coffee in traditional way, and evaporated milk

The Choco-Hazel Banana Bun (RM4.50)

Look at the fillings! So yummy especially when its HOT!

Olive Herbs Loaf (RM8)
The bread was mixed with black olive which bring a hint of savory to the loaf, both basil and oregano make people feel hungry, reallym because it smell so great, just like pizza =)

Add RM1 to get this Olive Oil + Balsamic Vinegar, the best companion of your wholemeal bread!

Book shelf

Open kitchen concept



CONTACT: 016-2088793

Lot 4-1, First Floor, Block B,
Lorong Lintas Plaza 2, Lintas Plaza,
88000 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah,

Above Vivien Ling Optometrist and Restoran Salim (mamak shop), near City Vegetarian


Sunday, 7 September 2014

Tom & Don Burger @ Kedai Kopi Golden Tsai, Kepayan Point, KK


It has been awhile I never write about any porky-food, and I believe many of you foodiot out there loves this sinful meat! So, here introduce the Double Pork Burger at Tom & Dom Burger, Kepayan Point.

Double Decker Pork Burger with Fries (RM12.50)
I went for The-Lot (additional cheese, fried egg and bacon) which cost me extra RM5.50.

Tom & Don have been selling pork burger since last year, but this was only my first trial. The patty was pretty thick, with slightly charred on the outside, the patty was cooked to just fine to chew. Diner can choose from Black Pepper Sauce, Honey Mustard or Barbeque. Too bad only Black Pepper was available during our visit.

Price-wise, the burger is slightly more expensive compare to other burger bakar or handmade burger in town. What do you think?


Tom & Don Burger

Single Pork Burger for her
Double Decker Pork Burger for him

Oh yeah! Total damage for this Double Decker was RM18!!!
Beef Burger is available too!



CONTACT: 010-9335489

Kedai Kopi Golden Tsai,
No. 20, Ground Floor, Block C,
Kepayan Point Commercial Centre,
Jalan Pintas Penampang,
88200 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah


View Kepayan Point in a larger map

Friday, 5 September 2014

Padi House @ Equine Park, Seri Kembangan


There are a few branches of Padi House in Klang Valley, offer western and local food at reasonable price. Food was OKAY, I particularly happy with what I ordered -- Grilled Sirloin Steak with Café de Paris Sauce. The sauce caught my attention, because I never see it before and the description sound so yummy to me - I remember the menu explained it as a "creamy butter sauce". It taste exactly the same like what it described. When I checked online recipe, it says the sauce is made with chicken liver, full cream, butter and mustard -- no wonder its so creamy!

Padi House


Padi House Seafood Fried Rice (RM10.90)
Looks very sad, too simple

Aglio Olio with Grilled Herbs Chicken (RM13.90)
Doesn't looks like Aglio Olio but taste OK ;)

The grilled chicken was good

Grilled Chicken with Café de Paris Sauce (RM15.90)
The sauce is a magic touch of this dish

Grilled Sirloin Steak with Café de Paris Sauce (RM30.90)

Cheese Baked Tomato Rice with Seafood (RM16.90)

FOODIOT'S POINT: 70% (Foods were OK, cleanliness/upkeep was BAD)


No. 34, 34-1 & 34-2, Jalan Equine 9C, Taman Equine,
43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor, MALAYSIA


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