Thursday, 21 August 2014

Sabah Tea Garden @ Ranau


Wavy green, highland breeze and steamy hot tea, these are among the images portray by the tea plantation. Maokong (猫空) of Taipei and many places in China, for example, are famous for the tea houses and restaurants which build around the tea plantations. These places often attract loads of tourist who are coming for tea tasting and relaxing at the normally cold climates.

Do you know that there are two black tea plantation in Malaysia? Namely BOH Tea - our nation's largest tea plantation at Cameron Highland, Pahang; and Sabah Tea which is located 20km from Ranau, Sabah.

Sabah Tea owns a hefty 2480 hectares (an average green area of a football field is about 1 hectare) of tea plantations in the Ranau district! However during our visit to the Tea Garden, we only managed to see a small part of the plantation.

The R&D team of Sabah Tea has introduces a few new flavors / tea with added ingredients which have different purposes:

  1. Amazing Agarwood - Weight loss
  2. Classical Cinnamon - Stop Nausea
  3. Glamourous Geranium - Calming
  4. Guardian Ginger - Buang angin
  5. Lovely Lemongrass - Anti-cancerous (TASTED!)
  6. Magnificent Misai Kucing - Lower cholestrol level and blood pressure
  7. Pacifying Pandan - Detoxifying (TASTED!)
  8. Tentalising Tongkat Ali - I am sure you know what does this tongkat do, right? :P
The restaurant and gift shop

Sabah Tea Garden

New addition to the ordinary Sabah Tea

The restaurant cum Tour Explaination Area

Pandan Milk Tea (RM4.80)
Very delicious milk tea with strong pandan flavor

Lemongrass Tea (RM4)
Vtalizing. Soothing if you have a blocked nose

Sabah Tea's Signature Pancake with Honey (RM11)
Very very green - my mouth is full of chlorophyll!!! 

Don't worry about of eating the tea leaves, as they are pesticide free according to Sabah Tea Garden

Sabah Tea for sale
Choose from tea bag or loose tea (without tea bag) 

Misai Kusing

Have fun at the tea garden

OH NO!!!

Want more tea-experience from Sabah Tea Garden? How about staying overnight here at the highland area? Sabah Tea Resort offers a few types of accommodation for public including a few cottages (RM240, sleep 3pax), a Longhouse (RM120/room/2pax) and a banglow. Good news for nature lover, camping site is available too at Sabah Tea Garden! For more info., kindly have a look on their website:



CONTACT: 088-876611 (PLANTATION SITE) / 088-440882 (KK OFFICE)

Km 18 Jalan Ranau-Sandakan,
Kg. Nalapak, Ranau, Sabah, Malaysia

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