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[Blogger vs Blogger] Photographs of "Drawing with Kendylife - by Kendrick Ng" Event @ Sabah Art Gallery

Here are the Photographs Collection of "Drawing with Kendylife - by Kendrick Ng" event, which was successfully held on the 9 August '14 at Sabah Art Gallery (Balai Seni Lukis Sabah).

Comic Blogger Kendrick Ng is a Sipitang Boy who currently work in KL. With the help from a local queen --- Chloe Tiffany Lee who know the Sabah Art Gallery Curator, Ms Jennifer Linggi, he managed to get an art space to conduct a comic drawing workshop - for the kids!

This is the newly built Sabah Art Gallery, near Luyang Perdana, next to National Archives (Arkib Negara Cawangan KK) 

From the lobby

Found this at the front desk, cool!

Attended by more than 50 students from various school in KK

This is Kendrick Ng, the artist behind Kendylife

Aerial view....

Talented girl

Chloe and Kendrick's childhood friend - Charles

A self-portrait? 

She draw pretty well!


"Let sifu teach you...."

"Not me!"

Kendrick Ng was conducting a quick doodle which would then, collected by Sabah Art Gallery

"You sure you want me to doodle you?"


That's easy? No really!

Picture speak thousand words, lol

"Focus! Draw the eyes, not the ..."

Draw... draw.....

"Hmm.. so this is your nose...hmm... you eyes is pretty... hmm.... your cheek... got lalat!"
(Fictional quotes)


Group Photo

Sabah Art Gallery
Mile 2, Jalan Penampang,
88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah


More about Kendylife
Kendylife's Facebook: House88kend

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