Saturday, 16 August 2014

Durian Buffet @ Road To MAHA Tuaran 2014 {{{TOMORROW 17/8 LAST DAY}}}

Durian Buffet, or Durian Fiesta @Tuaran is one of most important event in the annual State Level MAHA (Malaysia Agriculture, Horticulture & Agrotourism) Expo at Sabah. By paying for just RM20 per pax, you are free to eat-all-you-can any durian under the tent. Having said that, durian is very tummy-filling kind of fruit and I can guarantee most of you won't eat there for the full one hour limit!

Durian Buffet @ MAHA 2014

Besides durian, there are mangoesteen and rambutan -- just eat-all-you-can!

Limited Durian Buffet sessions are available during the 3-days event starting from 15/8 - 17/8/2014, 11AM onwards. Buy the ticket (Rm20) one hour before the buffet session is highly recommended as each session is only limited to 50 pax entry.

There are a lot more to see here at the Road To MAHA 2014 - Sabah State Level Expo.

Road To MAHA 2014, 15/8 - 17/8/14 at Tuaran Town

They are mine!!! My precious durian XD

Let's do it!

This is the best one I found... I need to improve my durian-picking skill

Can't expect all durian here are good. My skill level: 3 out of 5 are edible, and 2 out of the 3 are good durian
Good durian-picking skill: 40% (Failed)

BigFish and her friend Jo-Hanna

Open durian

Exhibitor from Sabah Crocodile Farm
Eggs, oil, skin and errr.... batang for sale!

Clock-wise from Top-left: Very big rabbit (cute!!!), The Noisy Goose, Very very big Boer Goat and Ostrich with Eggs

Rambutan, bought home 1kg for just RM3

More to see!
Kordial Bambangan, sound interesting!!!

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