Monday, 7 July 2014

"Plan, share, and enjoy this Ramadan with Google" Program

Anyone saw this function on Google?

The "Plan, share, and enjoy this Ramadan with Google" Program and "#ShareRamadan" hashtag campaign?

The link appeared just below the search bar

I tried to have some hands-on experience with this new Google App, which somehow, tend to encourage the usage of Google Plus. The App detects your location and time zone well, it looks great from the user interface, however, I find it not quite practical at here! Let me tell you why...

#1 Date and Time + Day of Ramadhan
#2 The "Eat Together" Tab - this is the reason why I am sharing here now! It's all about FOOD at bah!
#3 The Hashtag Campaign - just add #ShareRamadan for more attention :P 

Trending posts for "Eat Together" tab
There are other tabs / categories in this Ramadhan event too! Such as "Plan Together", "Get Together"...etc. You go explore yourself OK?

Click into the link and you will find something like this.
For those who never see this before -- it is Google Plus!
That's the reason why I said: This program are tend to increase the popularity of Google's own Social Media.
In short - they try to be another Facebook!

Under "Eat Together" tab there are Ramadhan themed Cooking Event too! Video are showed on Youtube, but mostly in Arabic. Unless you are trying to practice some Arabian, this function is somehow less relevent to Malaysia's user

I've tried to re-tagged my Bazaar Ramadhan KK post at Google Plus with hashtag #ShareRamadan. Who knows it would appear on the top-list? LOL

Try it here

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