Saturday, 5 July 2014

Bazaar Ramadhan KK: Sembulan, Kota Kinabalu


Everytime whenever Muslim's Fasting Month (or Ramadhan) start, I would start visiting the Bazaar Ramadhan around the city. There are a few big Bazaar Ramadhan in Kota Kinabalu during this time of the year, namely:

  1. Gaya Street (Lintasan Deasoka)
  2. Asia City
  3. Sembulan
  4. Lok Kawi Army Camp
  5. Sepanggar Area (???)
  6. Others???

I will try to cover as much as possible within one week's time or so. Maybe to put priority on those I never visited before.

Bazaar Ramadhan, or Pasar Bulan Puasa which I used to call, at Sembulan was my second bazaar-food-expedition of the year. Sembulan is a zone / area under Kota Kinabalu, it is near to the State's Mosque, Double-six Memorial Park and Sutera Harbour. The bazaar is stranded from the entrance of Jalan Sembulan Lama (near Apiwon Restaurant) towards to the Aseana College - some 50m long and consist of 144 stalls (DailyExpress, 3 July 14). It is much bigger than the Bazaar Ramadhan at Gaya Street (117 stalls).

Bazaar Ramadhan at Sembulan

BBQ Buntut (Chicken Tail) anyone? 

Yong Tauhu - a food not native of Sabah - "imported from KL"

Nasi Kuning - "imported from Indonesia"

Grilled Fish - in Sabah Style

The hawkers insisted to take their photo but was shy away last minute LOL 


Cendol Village - originally from Lido Square (Lido Pasar) also open up a stall here
You can add on Jelly, Sweet Cord, Cincau, Red Bean... etc, to your cendol!
Got FB page lagi, just search "Cendol Village"

AHA! Used to be my regular food stall back in old office at Karamunsing
I especially love their Terang Bulan (Peanut Pancake) so much which I would buy at least once or two per week :D
Missed the taste, and still the best


Will drop by again for food tapau (take away) at this Bazaar Ramadhan

Jalan Sembulan Lama,
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah


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