Thursday, 31 July 2014

[FOOD TRIP] BBQ at Mersilou, Sabah

During the recent Raya Long Weekend, BigFish & I, together with her family spent a wonderful but chilling night at Mersilou. I booked a night's stay at the Little Hut, a place which inspired us so much during our previous visit with my best friend Leon & his girlfriend, Thong Thong.

We were fortunate enough to experience the Windy Season of Mersilou/Kundasang area, which normally starts around July, end in September.

I can't describe more for you how strong the wind was during our stay at Mersilou:

  1. After kept the charcoal in good order and light up the fire starter, the charcoal then burn to white on the surface in less than 10min --  all by itself without the need to fan at the hot charcoal (which we normally do to escalate the burning).
  2. I weight 85kg and still can felt the wind was pushing me hard
We had some barbecue lamb, beef skewer, Char Siew, chicken chop and hotdogs as our dinner. See caption of the pictures for more details on the ingredients or marinate. To balance up our meaty meal, I also prepared some Caesar Salad, BBQ Pineapple and pumpkin for the hungry people. Everyone had a full tummy that evening with warm corn soup and we finished with cherries which I bought from Tong Hing Supermarket in KK.

During the Raya Holiday, by car, we went to Mersilou then Sandakan
We covered merely 700KM, back-and-forth.
It's a food trip by foodiotkk :D


Me preparing salad in the kitchen

BBQ Beef Skewer & Lamb Shoulder
I bought about 800g of Australian Chilled Sirloin from a Frozen Food store at Damai (near Uncle Biscuit), the store helped me to cut the sirloin to the thickness I want -- one inch. This thickness allowed me to cut the beef into cube later at home. For marinate, I want to make it as simple as possible because this piece of sirloin is a good meat! I seasoned the cubes using just salt, crushed black pepper, mixed herbs, paprika and some olive oil. Then, by using a wooden skewer / stick (available in disposble kitchen utencil department) the meat cubes was pushed together with bell pepper and cherry tomatoes (stuffed with garlic). The grill will do the job!
Cons Food is selling some Australian Lamb Shoulder so I just grabbed 3 pieces from the food market. The lamb was marinated with salt & pepper, Italian Herbs (contained higher ratio of Rosemary compared to Mixed Herbs) and Balsamic Vineger. I prepared the meat overnight to give it enough taste and hope the organic mineral salt make the lamb more tender. I barbecued the meat together with some Rosemary stalks I got from Merdeka Supermarket, near Lido. 

Chef in action XD XD XD

I cooked the meat to medium / medium well
Overdone the meat is a big NO-NO as it would loss the juiciness  


Caesar Salad
Contained Butterhead, Rocket (must try if you never use this spicy leaf in your salad, I loved it!), Bell Pepper, grilled bacon and Hard-boiled Eggs. I also mixed my own caesar salad dressing with: Japanese Mayo, Anchovies Paste, Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, Mixed Herbs and Black Pepper. Trust me, the taste was tastier than many Caesar Salad at hotel 


BBQ Chicken Thigh, Char Siew (叉烧), hotdogs and sausage (bought from City Grocer Suria Sabah)
To make the Char Siew (one of my signature BBQ meat) I marinated the pork belly with Lee Kum Kee Sweet BBQ Sauce, plum sauce, dark soy sauce, a cube of Fermented Tofu (南乳) and sugar. Don't forget to sprinkle some roasted sesame seed (just "air-fried" the sesame seed on a dry-hot-cooking pan until golden) to make it even yummier!

Very comfy Corn Soup, made by BigFish


Not salty enough, and need to add some more honey during the barbecue to make it juicier
Mistake learnt

Lamb Shoulder
A bit overcooked >.<

What not in the pictures / forgot to snap was: BBQ Pineapple (excellent!)  and BBQ Pumpkin (Good idea but need to fine tune next time). We also had some cherries and, new product from Tiger Beer -- The Tiger with Lemon, which only contained 2% alcohol and sweet like Shandy!

So here concluded our barbecue dinner... and started another day with magnificent view of the Mount Kinabalu!

Nice balcony

BigFish and her mom

Got bird inside?

Beautiful view


Outside Hut Attack

Our breakfast -- dimsum and fried noodle prepared by aunty

(Top) Mount Kinabalu view from the chalet
(Bottom, left ) A cosy little foyer just after the chalet's entrance, with 2 beanie; Hut Attack sleeps 5, where 1 pax sleeps at one single bed (groud floor) and 4 pax sleep on 2 Queen Size Bed at the upper floor; Kichen, small but complete with everything you need here

(Clock-wise from Top-left) 2 x Queen Bed; you can relax like this, or watch Astro (Njoy) in the chalet, up to you!
Very steep staircase, I was impressed by the Zic-Zac design! Just need to becareful while climb up and down; BigFish and her niece - KitKit

The yet-to-open chalets near Little Hut 

Will come here again!

  1. For more info. about our accomodation -- Little Hut (寒舍) at Mersilou, visit their Facebook.
  2. Click here for the chalet's review during our first stay last December.
  3. 小朋友们的玩记

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Sunday Breakfast @ Pregio Cafe, Metro Town KK


In this post I am going to share with you the breakfast I had at Pregio Cafe, Metro Town. The reason I emphasised "Sunday Breakfast" as on the title was because the cafe only serve breakfast on every Sunday. They serve All Day, meaning that you might have it as your breakfast, brunch, lunch, or afternoon tea... up to you, as long as you visit the cafe on Sunday!

For the full review on Pregio such as opening hour, coffee experience and other kind of foods, do click HERE or just search "Pregio" on my old posts.

4 types of breakfast to choose from
Price excluding drinks

Ice Chocolate

Hot Latte

Pregio's Combo (RM18)
With Hot Dog, Grilled Chicken, Hash Brown, Mushroom Omelet, Toast and Cabbage Salad

I liked the grilled chicken which was cooked to tender, so succulent and slightly sweet due to the added honey.
I might try it at home next time! 

Freshly baked Chocolate Chip cookies - which comes with every hot coffee

Sunday Morning :)


Monday - Tuesday: 11.00AM to 6.00PM
Wednesday ----> CLOSED
Thursday - Saturday: 11.00AM to 9:30PM
Sunday: 9:30AM to 6.00PM


Pregio by Barista Caffe
Lot 1, Block J, Metro Town,
Jalan Bunga Ulam Raja, Off Tuaran Road,
88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia


View Metrotown in a larger map

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Bazaar Ramadhan KK: Asia City, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah


Bazaar Ramadhan at Asia City

Visited this Bazaar Ramadhan last Saturday, but recently I am too busy with work and no time to edit the photo. I know I need to post them ASAP because Fasting Month is going to end soon and that also mean -- Hari Raya is just around the corner!


Parking is limited here, but if you don't mind to walk a bit farther, Bazaar Ramadhan at Asia City lies many delicacies for you to take away for iftar or for dinner!

BBQ Chicken Wing

Did you notice that this BBQ Chicken Butt is a MUST-HAVE in every Bazaar Ramadhan? Look at here & here.


Varieties of Fried Popiah
Why don't have the non-fried type of popiah?

Nasi Kerabu! Yummy!
Fish is not added yet

Varieties of drinks

This is something unique at this bazaar!
Guess what? It's a Papaya Pudding! Only RM4 (Bigger than 2x palm size)!

Nasi Kuning

Only RM3! That's cheap!

Ayam Percik!
I bought this, and its very nice!

Varieties of Drinks available here

Colorful Drinks

Get you Roasted Chicken here for whole family

John must be a generous guy....

Otherwise he won't the sandwich so big!

I found that at Asia City here the choices of packed rice is slightly more 

You see!

Wow! Nining Sambal!
Very nice! 

Kinda regret didn't buy this -- looks so YUMMY!!!

Someone is selling Char Kuey here!
Too bad I never had chance to see how the hawker made this

Kebab! Who want Kebab?!!!
Very succulent chicken kebab, tested by foodiot!

Nasi Kandar Ayam Goreng, only RM6
Bought one pack, as supper :D

Don't know what is this, looks like lekor but taste like Char Kuey
Tried, not bad!


If I am not mistaken, this is the only food stall selling Kadazan food


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