Friday, 20 June 2014

[Event] Ryuz @ Kota Kinabalu - A Mini Showcase at CAD KK

Attended a mini music showcase at Centre of Arts and Design (CAD) Kota Kinabalu on last Wednesday (18 June '14) which were performed by a Japanese trio called --- Ryuz.

Started in year 2011, Ryuz consists of three Japanese musicians -- Shigeri Kitsu, Kazuki Kunihiro, and Nobuto Yamanaka. Shigeri Kitsu (木津茂理) is a folk song singer who also play Japanese Traditional Drum. She is the main vocal in Ryuz, who can sing while hitting the drum! Kazuki Kunihiro (国広和毅) is a composer, a percussionist and a guitarist who infused modern elements of contemporary music into the group's performance. Nobuto Yamanaka (山中信人) plays the very unique Japanese traditional stringed instrument called Tsugaru-jamisen (津軽三味線) which looks like a guitar. Tsugaru-jamisen required very skillful musician because from my understanding, this music instrument involves few types of playing skills and required the player to master different techniques. If you are interested to know more, do visit Ryuz's official website to see more.

Towards the end of the music showcase, the trio performed with our own traditional musicians to create some new notes together - that is, mix of Japanese music (in Ryuz's style) with our Sabahan/Malaysian traditional music (played on Kulintangan and Gong). Unfortunately my camera's battery was flat and couldn't record this meaningful moment.

Thanks to the special arrangement by the Japan Foundation at CAD KK, Ryuz's Mini Showcase was attended by more than 150 music lovers.

Nobuto Yamanaka playing the Tsugaru-jamisen
Have you seen this Japanese traditional musical instrument before?

The beautiful vocalist who can sing while play drum -- Shigeri Kitsu

I believe Kazuki Kunihiro has attracted many new fans after this performance

Ryuz - performance

The Mini Showcase's flyer distributed by CAD

Ryuz is now performing at the Rainforest World Music Festival, at Kuching Sarawak (20/6 - 22/6/2014)

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