Monday, 2 June 2014

[Instagram] Home-cook Pan Mee

Home-cook Pan Mee, by me!

I love to eat pan mee this way. My way:

[Rule No.1 of "My" Pan Mee]
I won't eat / cook Pan Mee without Sayur Manis (树仔菜)
Must have crispy ikan bilis, A LOT of them!!! (See pic)
Fried shallot (with the oil) is not an option, it is a MUST!

100% from plain flour, egg and water. 
100% handmade, teared in pieces to the boiling soup.

1 pieces of Kelloggs / Maggie Ikan Bilis cube, don't put pun takpe.
Mushroom is added to make the soup tasty. Important!

[Eat for]
Breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper...

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