Monday, 30 June 2014

Bazaar Ramadhan KK: Gaya Street, Kota Kinabalu


Everytime whenever Muslim's Fasting Month (or Ramadhan) start, I would start visiting the Bazaar Ramadhan around the city. There are a few big Bazaar Ramadhan in Kota Kinabalu during this time of the year, namely:

  1. Gaya Street (Lintasan Deasoka)
  2. Asia City
  3. Sembulan
  4. Lok Kawi Army Camp
  5. Sepanggar Area (???)
  6. Others???

I will try to cover as much as possible within one week's time or so. Maybe to put priority on those I never visited before.

The bazaar at Gaya Street, precisely, is located at the Lintasan Deasoka - the open space adjacent to Gaya Street, Kota Kinabalu here. We reached here around 3PM and the bazaar was already full with people - people who really "tapau" (take-away) their food for iftar (berbuka) later and people like me - who just go and hunt for good food! 1Malaysia bah haha!

Expect colorful drinks, BBQ Chicken Wing, grilled fish, Murtabak Jawa, Nasi Briyani, burgers, Roti John, fried noodle and Nasi Berlauk here.

Wait... Something is missing here: there is no Ayam Percik! Nevermind, hope to find it in other Ramadhan Bazaar.

View from the Horizon Hotel

View from Padang Merdeka Kota Kinabalu

Fried Chicken Stall from CCK Fresh Mart - didn't expect a fresh mart will be part of the bazaar too!
Not much chicken left on the tray!

My favourite Laici Kang, or Lengci Kang
Don't confused with the name, despite the word "Kang" suggested a Chinese-origin but there is no such drink on Chinese's eateries :D

Kebab *slurp*

Murtabak Jawa
Different than the murtabak in KL, which is pan-fried like roti canai instead of deep-fried like this. 

Cendol (RM2.00) fresh from Sipitang
The pandan taste was kinda too mild to be good


All kind of drinks you can expect from the bazaar

Roti Khurasan, also called Roti Baghdad
Choice of Chicken, Beef (RM2.50) and Tuna (RM1.50)
We bought one to try, outer skin was crispy and the chicken and pea filling was quite generous

Met Fendi from Nining Food Stall
Their signature dish is the sambal (chilli paste), which is not too spicy, but very flavouful and can see a lot of dried shrimp. Tried the very first Burger Sambal (RM5.00) in KK - got choice of chicken and beef .

Our dinner: Burger Sambal "tapau" from Nining Food Stall
as well as Fried Fish and Sotong with Sambal - treated by Fendi!
Really love the sambal! Finished one bowl of rice! Yum!

One of the most popular food stall in the bazaar!
RM3.90 for a box of Briyani Rice with Fried Chicken and Acar, I remember last year was even cheaper!

Some BBQ Chicken Wings and Grilled Fish at the Bazaar Ramadhan Gaya Street, very smoky! 

"Mini Moon" or Peanut Pancake at only 50cent each, cheap!

Lintasan Daesoka, Jalan Gaya,
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, MALAYSIA


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