Sunday, 22 June 2014

[Announcement] Volunteer Needed - Famine30 Camp Kota Kinabalu (12/7 ~ 13/7/2014)

Famine 30 Camp is an annual fund raising event and camp to educate public on global poverty issues and to explain how World Vision's mission and efforts to overcome these issue. THIS YEAR, the Famine 30 themed "Kick Out Hunger" aimed to raise RM2.2millions to extend the organisation's assistance for the following programs / target groups:

  • Child Protection (Myanmar)
  • Health and Nutrition for Women and Children (India)
  • Community-based total sanitation (Indonesia)
  • Water and Sanitation (Sri Lanka)
  • Youth Mobilisation (Cambodia)
  • Education for Children Affected by Disabilities (China)
  • Food Security (Laos), Early Childhood Education (Myanmar)
  • Child Protection and Advocacy (Thailand) 
This is just the partial list, for FULL DETAILS of the International and Local Beneficiaries, kindly CLICK HERE.

Volunteer (Camp Helper) needed!!!

Famine 30 Camp for Kota Kinabalu / Sabah area will be held from 12 July 2014 (Saturday), 10AM until the next following day, 13 July 2014 (Sunday), 4PM at Shern En Methodist Church, Kota Kinabalu. The application for the Famine 30 Camper has been closed however the organizer is still recruiting some VOLUNTEERS! Just give a call to the camp leader if you think you can, and want to be part of the meaningful Famine30 Camp!

Camp Leader's: Sim Hun Seng
Contact Number: 010-2207901
Email Address:
Camp Vanue: Shern En Methodist Church, KK
Date/Time: 12/7/14 10AM - 13/7/14 4PM

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