Friday, 27 June 2014

A Taste of Malaysian Thai Food @ Prapeni Thai, Putatan


It is not an argument over the authenticity of Malaysian-influenced Thai food which are very common in Pennisular Malaysia, especially around Klang Valley and the Northern states. These "fusion" Thai restaurants often serve Tom Yum Gong (eg. Tom Yum Seafood) and fried rice more than anything else.

In contrast, there are another kind of Thai Restaurants which, besides Tom Yum Gong, also serve other varieties of Thai Food - some may not available in most Thai Restaurants, for example: Som Tum - the raw mango salad with dried shrimp and fish stock, and Tom Kah Kai - a kind of Chicken Cooking in Rich Coconut Milk.

My opinion is: we can't simply judge a restaurant's authenticity without really trying out their food. At the end, the food speak for itself!

Located at Putatan, just beside the railway.
If you drive from KK, the restaurant is on your left

Our drinks
Teh C Special (RM3) and Bandung Laici (RM3.80)

Chicken Tomyum Gong (RM6 / small)
We requested to reduce the chillies but it end out, plain and waterly.
It is quite cheap though...

Pak Boong in Thai, this is Kangkung (Morning Glory) Belacan (RM5 / small) which is very common among Malaysian's palate. The only different with our version is, Pak Boong is flavoured with fish stock and comes with biteful of seafood.

Sotong Paprik (RM6.50)
Paprik, or Pad Prik in Thai is a cooking style that are very common among any Malay Restaurant. Almost everything can be "Paprik", or simply translated as - stir fried with chillies, with added mixed vege


Throughout my "foodiot's expediture" I start to understand that, tastes are often divided geographically, culturally and often religiously. I have no personal preference on the types of Thai Food, whether its Malay-influenced, Southern Thai or Northern Thai food, I only like good food.


CONTACT: 088-763878

KM11, Jalan Putatan, 88200 Penampang, Sabah
(10min drive from KKIA)


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