Monday, 30 June 2014

Bazaar Ramadhan KK: Gaya Street, Kota Kinabalu


Everytime whenever Muslim's Fasting Month (or Ramadhan) start, I would start visiting the Bazaar Ramadhan around the city. There are a few big Bazaar Ramadhan in Kota Kinabalu during this time of the year, namely:

  1. Gaya Street (Lintasan Deasoka)
  2. Asia City
  3. Sembulan
  4. Lok Kawi Army Camp
  5. Sepanggar Area (???)
  6. Others???

I will try to cover as much as possible within one week's time or so. Maybe to put priority on those I never visited before.

The bazaar at Gaya Street, precisely, is located at the Lintasan Deasoka - the open space adjacent to Gaya Street, Kota Kinabalu here. We reached here around 3PM and the bazaar was already full with people - people who really "tapau" (take-away) their food for iftar (berbuka) later and people like me - who just go and hunt for good food! 1Malaysia bah haha!

Expect colorful drinks, BBQ Chicken Wing, grilled fish, Murtabak Jawa, Nasi Briyani, burgers, Roti John, fried noodle and Nasi Berlauk here.

Wait... Something is missing here: there is no Ayam Percik! Nevermind, hope to find it in other Ramadhan Bazaar.

View from the Horizon Hotel

View from Padang Merdeka Kota Kinabalu

Fried Chicken Stall from CCK Fresh Mart - didn't expect a fresh mart will be part of the bazaar too!
Not much chicken left on the tray!

My favourite Laici Kang, or Lengci Kang
Don't confused with the name, despite the word "Kang" suggested a Chinese-origin but there is no such drink on Chinese's eateries :D

Kebab *slurp*

Murtabak Jawa
Different than the murtabak in KL, which is pan-fried like roti canai instead of deep-fried like this. 

Cendol (RM2.00) fresh from Sipitang
The pandan taste was kinda too mild to be good


All kind of drinks you can expect from the bazaar

Roti Khurasan, also called Roti Baghdad
Choice of Chicken, Beef (RM2.50) and Tuna (RM1.50)
We bought one to try, outer skin was crispy and the chicken and pea filling was quite generous

Met Fendi from Nining Food Stall
Their signature dish is the sambal (chilli paste), which is not too spicy, but very flavouful and can see a lot of dried shrimp. Tried the very first Burger Sambal (RM5.00) in KK - got choice of chicken and beef .

Our dinner: Burger Sambal "tapau" from Nining Food Stall
as well as Fried Fish and Sotong with Sambal - treated by Fendi!
Really love the sambal! Finished one bowl of rice! Yum!

One of the most popular food stall in the bazaar!
RM3.90 for a box of Briyani Rice with Fried Chicken and Acar, I remember last year was even cheaper!

Some BBQ Chicken Wings and Grilled Fish at the Bazaar Ramadhan Gaya Street, very smoky! 

"Mini Moon" or Peanut Pancake at only 50cent each, cheap!

Lintasan Daesoka, Jalan Gaya,
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, MALAYSIA


Friday, 27 June 2014

A Taste of Malaysian Thai Food @ Prapeni Thai, Putatan


It is not an argument over the authenticity of Malaysian-influenced Thai food which are very common in Pennisular Malaysia, especially around Klang Valley and the Northern states. These "fusion" Thai restaurants often serve Tom Yum Gong (eg. Tom Yum Seafood) and fried rice more than anything else.

In contrast, there are another kind of Thai Restaurants which, besides Tom Yum Gong, also serve other varieties of Thai Food - some may not available in most Thai Restaurants, for example: Som Tum - the raw mango salad with dried shrimp and fish stock, and Tom Kah Kai - a kind of Chicken Cooking in Rich Coconut Milk.

My opinion is: we can't simply judge a restaurant's authenticity without really trying out their food. At the end, the food speak for itself!

Located at Putatan, just beside the railway.
If you drive from KK, the restaurant is on your left

Our drinks
Teh C Special (RM3) and Bandung Laici (RM3.80)

Chicken Tomyum Gong (RM6 / small)
We requested to reduce the chillies but it end out, plain and waterly.
It is quite cheap though...

Pak Boong in Thai, this is Kangkung (Morning Glory) Belacan (RM5 / small) which is very common among Malaysian's palate. The only different with our version is, Pak Boong is flavoured with fish stock and comes with biteful of seafood.

Sotong Paprik (RM6.50)
Paprik, or Pad Prik in Thai is a cooking style that are very common among any Malay Restaurant. Almost everything can be "Paprik", or simply translated as - stir fried with chillies, with added mixed vege


Throughout my "foodiot's expediture" I start to understand that, tastes are often divided geographically, culturally and often religiously. I have no personal preference on the types of Thai Food, whether its Malay-influenced, Southern Thai or Northern Thai food, I only like good food.


CONTACT: 088-763878

KM11, Jalan Putatan, 88200 Penampang, Sabah
(10min drive from KKIA)


Thursday, 26 June 2014

Nature's Retreat @ Kasih Sayang Health Resort, Kota Kinabalu

Kasih Sayang Health Resort is located at Kokol Hill, a place 30-45 minutes away from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah here. Stood above 2300 feets above sea level, one's stay at Kasih Sayang Health Resort may enjoy the slightly lower degree of temperature accompany with a wide-angled, if not all surrounded by one of the oldest rainforrest in the world. During any fine day, you might see Pulau Gaya (as well as the other islands) on one side of the resort and Mount Kinabalu on the other side!

Beautiful view from the resort's spacious patio, next to Cloud 9 Restaurant

Mt. Kinabalu view

Reception Counter and the room

Cat and rabbits

The Kasih Sayang Health Resort is surrounded by lush of greeneries, great for weekend gateaway!

Cloud 9 Restaurant: Menu

Drinks and snacks while waiting for sunset

Dinner: Fried Noodle (RM13.90)
Taste good!

Dinner: Oxtail Asam Pedas (RM30.90) with rice

Honey Vinegar and Mixed Fruit Juice - Healthy drink :)

088-246404 (RESERVATION)
088-470866 (RESORT)

Kasih Sayang Health Resort
Kg. Sinagang, Kokol Hill,
88450 Menggatal,

Location map to Kasih Sayang Resort 

Sunday, 22 June 2014

[Announcement] Volunteer Needed - Famine30 Camp Kota Kinabalu (12/7 ~ 13/7/2014)

Famine 30 Camp is an annual fund raising event and camp to educate public on global poverty issues and to explain how World Vision's mission and efforts to overcome these issue. THIS YEAR, the Famine 30 themed "Kick Out Hunger" aimed to raise RM2.2millions to extend the organisation's assistance for the following programs / target groups:

  • Child Protection (Myanmar)
  • Health and Nutrition for Women and Children (India)
  • Community-based total sanitation (Indonesia)
  • Water and Sanitation (Sri Lanka)
  • Youth Mobilisation (Cambodia)
  • Education for Children Affected by Disabilities (China)
  • Food Security (Laos), Early Childhood Education (Myanmar)
  • Child Protection and Advocacy (Thailand) 
This is just the partial list, for FULL DETAILS of the International and Local Beneficiaries, kindly CLICK HERE.

Volunteer (Camp Helper) needed!!!

Famine 30 Camp for Kota Kinabalu / Sabah area will be held from 12 July 2014 (Saturday), 10AM until the next following day, 13 July 2014 (Sunday), 4PM at Shern En Methodist Church, Kota Kinabalu. The application for the Famine 30 Camper has been closed however the organizer is still recruiting some VOLUNTEERS! Just give a call to the camp leader if you think you can, and want to be part of the meaningful Famine30 Camp!

Camp Leader's: Sim Hun Seng
Contact Number: 010-2207901
Email Address:
Camp Vanue: Shern En Methodist Church, KK
Date/Time: 12/7/14 10AM - 13/7/14 4PM

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Various Temaki @ Wojamama, 1Borneo Hypermall


One afternoon I visited the Wojamama's branch at 1Borneo Hypermall, Kota Kinabalu. Wojamama is one of the most successful Japanese restaurant in Sabah who not only operate as Wojamama, but also under the name of Recipe House which act double as a Japanese restaurant and a food market, particular in Japanese food and fresh produce.

I ordered some temaki (Japanese hand roll) and my friend ordered a Tempura Soba. Set menu is available for lunch and dinner, too!

Nice! But the seaweed wrap wasn't crunchy...

(From Left) Avocado Salmon, California, and Spicy Tuna Temaki





11:00am - 10:00pm


F831 & F831A, 1st Floor,
1Borneo Hypermall, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Friday, 20 June 2014

[Event] Ryuz @ Kota Kinabalu - A Mini Showcase at CAD KK

Attended a mini music showcase at Centre of Arts and Design (CAD) Kota Kinabalu on last Wednesday (18 June '14) which were performed by a Japanese trio called --- Ryuz.

Started in year 2011, Ryuz consists of three Japanese musicians -- Shigeri Kitsu, Kazuki Kunihiro, and Nobuto Yamanaka. Shigeri Kitsu (木津茂理) is a folk song singer who also play Japanese Traditional Drum. She is the main vocal in Ryuz, who can sing while hitting the drum! Kazuki Kunihiro (国広和毅) is a composer, a percussionist and a guitarist who infused modern elements of contemporary music into the group's performance. Nobuto Yamanaka (山中信人) plays the very unique Japanese traditional stringed instrument called Tsugaru-jamisen (津軽三味線) which looks like a guitar. Tsugaru-jamisen required very skillful musician because from my understanding, this music instrument involves few types of playing skills and required the player to master different techniques. If you are interested to know more, do visit Ryuz's official website to see more.

Towards the end of the music showcase, the trio performed with our own traditional musicians to create some new notes together - that is, mix of Japanese music (in Ryuz's style) with our Sabahan/Malaysian traditional music (played on Kulintangan and Gong). Unfortunately my camera's battery was flat and couldn't record this meaningful moment.

Thanks to the special arrangement by the Japan Foundation at CAD KK, Ryuz's Mini Showcase was attended by more than 150 music lovers.

Nobuto Yamanaka playing the Tsugaru-jamisen
Have you seen this Japanese traditional musical instrument before?

The beautiful vocalist who can sing while play drum -- Shigeri Kitsu

I believe Kazuki Kunihiro has attracted many new fans after this performance

Ryuz - performance

The Mini Showcase's flyer distributed by CAD

Ryuz is now performing at the Rainforest World Music Festival, at Kuching Sarawak (20/6 - 22/6/2014)

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

[Instagram] Curry Laksa Stall

Ar a random Curry Laksa stall, Petaling Street
The ingredients of curry laksa:
Brinjal, siham (blood cockle, medium-raw), long bean, tofupok (fried tofu), fried pork skin (oppsss sorry, this laksa is non-halal) and bean sprout 

Sunday, 8 June 2014

1837 TWG Tea Saloon & Boutique @ Sunway Pyramid, KL


All the while I thought TWG is the shorts or re-branding for the famous Twinings Tea from England. Only until a year ago during my visit to Singapore, I discovered the differences.

1837 TWG Tea is a young and dynamic F&B company established in year 2006 at Singapore by a group of elite who are Tea Expert, French Chef, and Marketing Directors. TWG emphasizes in producing and trading fine tea and the related products, throughout the years they have expanded into a multinational group of over 30 outlets selling over 800 types of tea!

1837 is just the year marked in history which tea trade was made official in Singapore.

I was greeted by the friendly wait staff here and he introduced some of the tea to me, including the "Immortal Moment" tea which is a Ceylon Black Tea blend which cost around RM200+ per 100 grams (cannot recall the exact price...). Why is it so expensive? Because yellow gold is being used in the tea and it's believed to bring good health! Think this is the most expensive tea TWG can offer? Hell no! Pay S$850 (around RM2180+) per 50 grams for another gold plated tea named as "Gold Yin Zhen"!

I had my dinner here with friend and manage to appreciate a cup of Royal Orchid Tea which cost me only RM19 per pot. Affordable *blink*

1837 TWG Tea Saloon & Boutique at Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall

After being introduced a varieties of tea, the wait staff passed me this Tea Book and asked me to "sit down and study" HAHA!!!

Choose your tea from this Tea List

Inside the restaurant

Scrambled Eggs (RM28.90)
Fresh eggs scrambled with choice of Matcha Green Tea, pure Saffron Thread or White Alba Truffle Oil and served with smoked salmon and a mixed salad of spinach and shrimp. 

Almost every dishes here is infused with tea

TWG Tea Seaside Linguini (RM23.50)
This is a linguini pasta sauteed with mussel, shrimps, in Red Chai infused tomato sauce 

Seafood portion was quite generous here, with a scent of Chai Tea which compete with the equally strong aroma of tomato puree. Very creative combination. 

Variation of Tea-inspired Macaron
Much recommended!

A varieties of tea and gift set

A blogger must know how to selfie~ 

Also available in Pavillion KL, Paragon Mall Penang, and The Gardens Mid Valley (Malaysia outlets).


Monday to Sunday 10am - 10pm


LG1.33A, LG1 Concourse,
Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall, No 3, Jalan PJS 11/15,
Bandar Sunway, 46150 Petaling Jaya,
Selengor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia


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