Friday, 9 May 2014

Uncle Fang's Hainam Chicken Rice @ Kepayan Point, Kota Kinabalu


Hainam Chicken Rice is not a native of Sabah but thanks to the locale's passionate of chicken rice, Sabah is never short of a good one! For me, one of the most delicious version of chicken rice is the Hainanese Chicken Rice due to the "actual" chicken flavor you can expect from every piece of chicken. However not all chicken rice can be considered as the Hainam's (should spell as "Hainan") version, some people just fake it. There are a few standard which the cook/hawker must strictly adhere, let me name a few here:

  1. Use only boiled chicken, not fried, roasted or steam.
  2. Use only high standard chicken meat (eg. matured, yellowish skin chicken); the original recipe use only "Wenchang Chicken (文昌鸡)” but I don't think any farm in Sabah provide this species here.
  3. Butter rice, not plain rice. Butter rice is cooked with the chicken fat, chicken broth and fried onion.
  4. Ginger and chillies sauce, made by chicken fat / broth
I do not agree Hainan Chicken Rice comes from Singapore, as many suggest, especially Singaporean would proudly tell you about this. You can't just make claims of everything available in your country, right? Chicken rice is very common among the Hainanese, even back in the Hainan province of China, the way the people there preparing the chicken or chicken rice is not much different than the Malaysian or Singaporean version! And they have been eating this for generations!

Uncle Fang's Hainam Chicken Rice fulfilled the requirements. First, the chicken meat is chewy and not soft like spring chicken. The butter rice also met my expectation as its not too oily, and not too salty - yet you can taste the essence of chicken in every rice. 

The complete set of Hainan Chicken Rice -- OPPPSS! I forgot to place the sauces into this pic

 Light soy sauce and a little bit of fragrant sesame oil slightly drench throughout the chicken drumstick

Nomnomnom~ You can tell whether or not the chicken is fresh / good quality by it taste. The meat was very tender too, and I can't resist to slurped  in chicken skin! 

Very fragrant chicken rice

I wish the chillies sauce and ginger dip can be improved! Its slightly watery.

Uncle Fang Hainam Chicken Rice - occupied a corner at Golden Tsai Kopi Shop, Kepayan Point



Golden Tsai Kopi Shop (next to KK See You Seafood)
Kepayan Point, Kota Kinabalu, 


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