Thursday, 1 May 2014

L'Atelier French Restaurant & Nyonya Food @ Metro Town, Kota Kinabalu


Recently I wrote a recommendation of L'Atelier's French Food on Tripadvisor and I thought I should re-post here. This is the note:

L'Atelier is owned by a talented young chef - Chef Kit, who has great passion and so well committed into French food. He received full French culinary training and expect no other than premium quality ingredients, authentic recipes and the spirit he brought back from France, a country ten thousand miles away from his homeland KK. I shall share more reviews of this restaurant in the future when I have collected more French food in my tummy. Bon Appétit!

L'Atelier was previously opened at the rather quiet Lintas Jaya, and few months ago they decided to move to the hottest eateries street in KK - the Metro Town! Seeing them occupied spaces of two shoplots, Chef Kit and his team promised to give the best out of French culinary experience to all foodiots (or simply hungry people, whatever you call yourself!) out there! Not forget to mention, Chef Kit's family are Nyonya Food experts whose recipes passes from generations to generations, I have tried their Rendang Ayam and what I can say is, the cooking reminded me my visit to Malacca's Baba & Nyonya House! I promised will discover more in this part of L'Atelier later on.


Starters: Pate & Caviar Cream Tart

Starters: Grilled Mushroom with Cherry Tomatoes and Pate

Starters: No Name


Steak Au Poive
Or Pepper Steak in English, Chef Kit use premium quality chilled beef, seasoned with freshly grounded peppercorn and flavoured with the grilled mushroom, bamboo shoots and cream sauce

French's way of preparing steak =)

Grilled Mushroom with smoky touch

Duck A L' Orange
Oven baked duck breast with orange. This is a signature French food, very common in every French's menu.

The duck meat still juicy inside


A French Burger
This is not an ordinary burger - stuffed with pate, bacon and beef patty

Coq Au Vin
Coq means chicken, and Vin mean wine. I bet you guess correctly, this is a roasted chicken with wine!
Coq Au Vin has been mentioned in movie <Julie & Julia>, so yes, yet another signature French food! 

Coq Au Vin

Besides French's cooking, L'Atelier also have some standard menu you can find in most Western Food Restaurant, for example: Lamb Chop, Steak, Fish & Chip etc.

Lamb Chop

Lamb Chop

Dessert - Fruity Ice cream with cream puff inside


11.00AM - 2.30PM (LUNCH)
6.00PM - 10.30PM (DINNER)


Metro Town,
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah


View Metro Town in a larger map


F. said...

Actually, Coq means "Rooster" in French and this is what is supposed to be cooked instead of chicken !

Frankie H said...

Hi F., thanks for your comment! Google Translate did showed me coq=cock=rooster but may I know if French really insist to use a rooster instead of chicken when making this cooking? Due to this logic I wrote chicken instead of rooster...

Anonymous said...

Which block is the restaurant located? Perhaps you'd share the restaurant can be fund next to which other shops? TQ!

Frankie H said...

Hi... L'atelier is located opposite Grabbing Hands and next to KK Fusion Bar


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