Sunday, 25 May 2014

Kaamatan Special Menu @ Foodogenic, Cyber Square KK

SERVE NO PORK | WESTERN + LOCAL FOOD | 1PM - 10PM | 014-3528807

Foodogenic Restaurant has introduced the special Kaamatan (Harvest Festival) Menu consists of some contemporary Sabahan cookings at a very affordable pricing of RM9.00. The set menu inclusive of rice, a bowl of vegetable assam pedas (vegetable hot stew), sauteed potatoes and a glass of iced syrup. If you are interested to see my food review of this restaurant in the past, please CLICK HERE.

5 choices of contemporary Sabahan dishes: Stuffed Tauhu Skin (taupok), Sambal Mango Fish Petai (tried), Fried Chicken Ala Longan Tuhau (tried), Beef Bamboo Shoot Stew and Mushroom Foodo's Chicken Rice, all priced at RM9 per set except the last one, which cost RM9.50.

We went to upstair this time

Second floor, consist of more air conditioned dining area and a kid's fun corner

Iced Syrup - nothing to shout about, just the ordinary orange and rose syrup

Starter: Sub's Chicken Bruschetta (RM7.90)
Highly recommended! It is unlike other's bruschetta, Foodogenic's version uses long hot dog / Roti John's sesame bread

Sambal Mango Fish Petai (RM9.00)
For those who love petai (petai nut), don't miss this! The sambal petai is very nice and well blend with fish meat. For those don't can't take the awkward odour of petai, it's OK, I can understand... eukkkk!!!!

Generous portion of sambal petai with dried shrimp and fish meat, comes with Vegetable Assam Pedas (vegetable hot soup), sauteed potatoes cubes and rice

Fried Chicken Ala Longan Tuhau (RM9.00)
I loved to tried tuhau's cooking, a signature ingredient especially in Kadazan-dusun's cooking. Tuhau is a kind of plant similar to ginger, but comes with a strange smell - almost similar to the smell of bugs! Only the stem to be eaten, either pickled or unpickled with vinegar. This combination of tuhau with chicken and longan definitely win my heart! Must try!




CONTACT: 014-3528807

Cyber Square Commercial Centre, Jalan Lintas-Kepayan,
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah


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