Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Jogging & Cycling Track Along Likas Bay

The newly completed 5.2 kilometers Jogging and Cycling Track along Likas Bay, Kota Kinabalu has attracted many visitors since its opening on December 2013. I was told this purposely-built track aiming for healthier lifestyle, is just part of the greater plan which extend from Sembulan to UMS -- a hefty of more than 20km. Good news to all cycling enthusiast and runners in town after this whole project completed! And I haven't mention Likas Bay is one of the good spot to enjoy sunset in KK!

You might ride a bicycle here, or just run/walk on your feet 

Sometime you may see some people going down to the seawall for crab-catching or fishing. But this guy is trying to collect some seawater to the tank behind him -- for a seafood restaurant

BigFish & I

We didn't walk too far, but one day will come back again for a serious run!

Just an advice to the public - DO NOT LITTER! Keeping the public infrastructure clean is our responsibility.

Along Jalan Tun Fuad Stephen (Coastal Highway)



Mas Light said...

A nice place to jog and cycle, it's brightly lit. But can get crowded also. I think the only problem I had was the smell of the "ocean" kekeke.

Frankie H said...

It can be a little smelly during air surut!


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