Saturday, 24 May 2014

[BvB] Me Appeared in KendyLife's Comic (funny)

Sorry for absent from posting new blog for a couple of days. I got many food to share but I am rushing a busy schedule during the weekdays and too tired to look into the pictures during weekend. I need to rest! But I REALLY wish to share with all of you Kendy Kun's comic strip which he posted on his blog: KendyLife. Here is part of the comic... click the link if you want to see the complete version!

Click to see the complete version!

Kendy Kun (Kendy君) is a Sabahan blogger, a creative artist, a Mangaka, a photographer.... and many hats that he yet to reveal to me! HAHAHA!!! Let's check out his "Hello Sabah Month" project dedicated to Sabah very own harvest festival - the Tadau Kaamatan which held on the 30 & 31 of May! Kendy will write about and doodle the featured Sabahan blogger, on a staggered basis, during the whole project run.

As of today Kendy-kun has posted and created a "chibi" version of the following featured bloggers:

  1. Leanna Chong (Leanna Artistry:
  2. Beverly Tam (Take Another Step:
  3. Caroline Ng (My Stories:
  4. Foodiotkk (That's Mine!!!)

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