Monday, 19 May 2014

[Blogger vs Blogger] Kendylife's Hello Sabah Month

Blogger vs Blogger (BvB) is a new Label/Category of BvB will feature write up or activities held by bloggers / for bloggers on foodiotkk: BvB works as a humble platform to promote fellow bloggers' project, it could be a collaboration, a community project, or simply some bloggers' work! Sky's the limit!

It is inspired when creative art blogger - Kendy Kun ( contacted me to feature in his latest project: Hello Sabah Month.

Let him do the intro.:

Kendy Kun is a Sabahan blogger, a creative artist, a Mangaka, a photographer.... and many hats that he yet to reveal to me! HAHAHA!!! Let's check out his "Hello Sabah Month" project dedicated to Sabah very own harvest festival - the Tadau Kaamatan which held on the 30 & 31 of May! Kendy will write about and doodle the featured Sabahan blogger, on a staggered basis, during the whole project run.

Hello Sabah Month (13/5 - 15/6/2014)

"Hello Sabah Month" project's first featured blogger is Leanna Chong - who run a photography & travel blog.

I am still waiting my turn to be featured on Kendy's blog! :D


Cutebun said...

Hey hey! You got nice blog =D

Unknown said...

Hey hey! Thanks ya! Haha

Frankie H said...

Thx Sherrie Pui! Thank you for visiting foodiotkk

Kendrick, nice project and hope more people see what is happening in Sabah!


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