Monday, 19 May 2014

[Blogger vs Blogger] Kendylife's Hello Sabah Month

Blogger vs Blogger (BvB) is a new Label/Category of BvB will feature write up or activities held by bloggers / for bloggers on foodiotkk: BvB works as a humble platform to promote fellow bloggers' project, it could be a collaboration, a community project, or simply some bloggers' work! Sky's the limit!

It is inspired when creative art blogger - Kendy Kun ( contacted me to feature in his latest project: Hello Sabah Month.

Let him do the intro.:

Kendy Kun is a Sabahan blogger, a creative artist, a Mangaka, a photographer.... and many hats that he yet to reveal to me! HAHAHA!!! Let's check out his "Hello Sabah Month" project dedicated to Sabah very own harvest festival - the Tadau Kaamatan which held on the 30 & 31 of May! Kendy will write about and doodle the featured Sabahan blogger, on a staggered basis, during the whole project run.

Hello Sabah Month (13/5 - 15/6/2014)

"Hello Sabah Month" project's first featured blogger is Leanna Chong - who run a photography & travel blog.

I am still waiting my turn to be featured on Kendy's blog! :D


Sherrie Pui said...

Hey hey! You got nice blog =D

Kendrick Ng said...

Hey hey! Thanks ya! Haha

Tomatotree FoodiotKK said...

Thx Sherrie Pui! Thank you for visiting foodiotkk

Kendrick, nice project and hope more people see what is happening in Sabah!


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