Thursday, 29 May 2014

Exploring Accommodations and Restaurants @ Kokol Hill, Sabah

I always wanted to visit Kokol Hill since many years ago due to some recommendations from friends and colleagues about the cold and foggy climate and beautiful sceneries oversee KK, from the Kokol Hill which stand 2300ft above sea level.

On the other hand, some other people said that the road condition is terrible therefore requires four wheels drive / good engines and nothing much to see/do there besides trees, trees and trees.

A great conflict.

Foggy Road
The accommodations at Kokol Hill are located round Kg Sinagang

Depends on traffic condition, Kokol Hill is just 30~45min drive from Kota Kinabalu. If you know where Inanam / Menggatal is, Kokol Hill is somewhere around there. Choose to drive from Kiansom (will pass by Mari-Mari Cultural Village and Kiansom Waterfall, very small road going uphill and partly gravel) or Menggatal (better road therefore recommended for small cars).

We visited 3 places in Kokol Hill, included one which is still under construction / renovation, one serving private function and the last one, where we were shown the rooms and had lunch there.

1) Alanna Homestay and Cafe [CLOSED]
Room Rate: N/A | Phone: 014-9511152 | FB: alanna lodge | Email:

Owner Mr Alfred is a cool guy who designed and run this newly built accommodation and cafe here. The semi-open air concept guaranteed cold air and great view to the rainforest and night view of KK. The ground floor has many sofa and arm chairs, great for those who want to spend time to relax here. Cafe is serving some Indian Curry (its a curry house after all), opens from 9AM - 9PM. Rooms is not available for rent yet but should be ready in few months time.

Alanna Homestay & Cafe

Alanna Homestay & Cafe

2) Kasih Sayang Health Resort
Room Rate: RM218++ onwards | Phone: 088-470866 | Website:

This is the most famous (and most expensive!) accommodation at Kokol Hill. The resort's emphasize on the nature and great view (same as the others) but also go to the extent of offering some week-long body detoxification and rejuvenation package. See the website for more details.

The resort's restaurant - the 120 pax Cloud 9 Restaurant is closed for a private function during the day of our visit. The resort's staff also unable to show us the room because cleaning was still in progress.

Kasih Sayang Health Resort

3) Villa Ku Boutique Homestay & Cafe
Room Rate: RM120 - RM330 | Phone: 011-29829832 | Website:

We were shown 2 types of rooms at Villa Ku: The Family Room (facing sunset) - which sleeps 8 pax and Standard Room (facing Mt. Kinabalu) - for 2+1 pax.

Villa Ku

Oversee KK City and Sea / Islands opposite KK

Family rooms, for up to 8 pax
The "loft" (upper storey) area can sleep 1~2 person too!

Menu, food starts fiom RM7


Very nice Nasi Lemak (RM7)

They make very nice sambal, can't find in KK!

Nasi Goreng Kampung (RM8.00)

Taste good!

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Kaamatan Special Menu @ Foodogenic, Cyber Square KK

SERVE NO PORK | WESTERN + LOCAL FOOD | 1PM - 10PM | 014-3528807

Foodogenic Restaurant has introduced the special Kaamatan (Harvest Festival) Menu consists of some contemporary Sabahan cookings at a very affordable pricing of RM9.00. The set menu inclusive of rice, a bowl of vegetable assam pedas (vegetable hot stew), sauteed potatoes and a glass of iced syrup. If you are interested to see my food review of this restaurant in the past, please CLICK HERE.

5 choices of contemporary Sabahan dishes: Stuffed Tauhu Skin (taupok), Sambal Mango Fish Petai (tried), Fried Chicken Ala Longan Tuhau (tried), Beef Bamboo Shoot Stew and Mushroom Foodo's Chicken Rice, all priced at RM9 per set except the last one, which cost RM9.50.

We went to upstair this time

Second floor, consist of more air conditioned dining area and a kid's fun corner

Iced Syrup - nothing to shout about, just the ordinary orange and rose syrup

Starter: Sub's Chicken Bruschetta (RM7.90)
Highly recommended! It is unlike other's bruschetta, Foodogenic's version uses long hot dog / Roti John's sesame bread

Sambal Mango Fish Petai (RM9.00)
For those who love petai (petai nut), don't miss this! The sambal petai is very nice and well blend with fish meat. For those don't can't take the awkward odour of petai, it's OK, I can understand... eukkkk!!!!

Generous portion of sambal petai with dried shrimp and fish meat, comes with Vegetable Assam Pedas (vegetable hot soup), sauteed potatoes cubes and rice

Fried Chicken Ala Longan Tuhau (RM9.00)
I loved to tried tuhau's cooking, a signature ingredient especially in Kadazan-dusun's cooking. Tuhau is a kind of plant similar to ginger, but comes with a strange smell - almost similar to the smell of bugs! Only the stem to be eaten, either pickled or unpickled with vinegar. This combination of tuhau with chicken and longan definitely win my heart! Must try!




CONTACT: 014-3528807

Cyber Square Commercial Centre, Jalan Lintas-Kepayan,
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah


Saturday, 24 May 2014

[BvB] Me Appeared in KendyLife's Comic (funny)

Sorry for absent from posting new blog for a couple of days. I got many food to share but I am rushing a busy schedule during the weekdays and too tired to look into the pictures during weekend. I need to rest! But I REALLY wish to share with all of you Kendy Kun's comic strip which he posted on his blog: KendyLife. Here is part of the comic... click the link if you want to see the complete version!

Click to see the complete version!

Kendy Kun (Kendy君) is a Sabahan blogger, a creative artist, a Mangaka, a photographer.... and many hats that he yet to reveal to me! HAHAHA!!! Let's check out his "Hello Sabah Month" project dedicated to Sabah very own harvest festival - the Tadau Kaamatan which held on the 30 & 31 of May! Kendy will write about and doodle the featured Sabahan blogger, on a staggered basis, during the whole project run.

As of today Kendy-kun has posted and created a "chibi" version of the following featured bloggers:

  1. Leanna Chong (Leanna Artistry:
  2. Beverly Tam (Take Another Step:
  3. Caroline Ng (My Stories:
  4. Foodiotkk (That's Mine!!!)

Monday, 19 May 2014

[Blogger vs Blogger] Kendylife's Hello Sabah Month

Blogger vs Blogger (BvB) is a new Label/Category of BvB will feature write up or activities held by bloggers / for bloggers on foodiotkk: BvB works as a humble platform to promote fellow bloggers' project, it could be a collaboration, a community project, or simply some bloggers' work! Sky's the limit!

It is inspired when creative art blogger - Kendy Kun ( contacted me to feature in his latest project: Hello Sabah Month.

Let him do the intro.:

Kendy Kun is a Sabahan blogger, a creative artist, a Mangaka, a photographer.... and many hats that he yet to reveal to me! HAHAHA!!! Let's check out his "Hello Sabah Month" project dedicated to Sabah very own harvest festival - the Tadau Kaamatan which held on the 30 & 31 of May! Kendy will write about and doodle the featured Sabahan blogger, on a staggered basis, during the whole project run.

Hello Sabah Month (13/5 - 15/6/2014)

"Hello Sabah Month" project's first featured blogger is Leanna Chong - who run a photography & travel blog.

I am still waiting my turn to be featured on Kendy's blog! :D

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Sunday Classic High-Tea Buffet @ The Pacific Sutera Hotel, Kota Kinabalu

HALAL | HIGH-TEA | 3PM - 5PM | 088-318888

Chance for you to fill the stomach with buffet style high-tea during a lazy Sunday at just RM48++ (bill ended up to RM56 after taxes) per pax. You pay less during weekday and Saturday but the high-tea is being served in the traditional way - sweet pastries, cakes, savoury sandwiches and pies are beautifully placed on the 3 tier tray, no refill of course!

It should be called the English Afternoon Tea.

The Lobby Lounge, beyond the grand lobby of The Pacific Sutera Hotel is where the High-Tea are served. Enjoy your food and coffee (or tea) on the cozy sofas while overlook the South China Sea / swimming pool if you have good eye sights. Good luck!

As we arrived the food was not ready yet, but I was allowed to "sneak peek" around :D

This must be good, Physalis with Eclairs

I wonder if this is the season of Physalis? Again featured on another dessert - Chocolate Creme

Scones with Raisin

English Scones

Assorted Sandwiches and Bruschetta

From the Lounge's entrance

We chose coffee, because there are not much choice of tea available

Started with some Scones, with whipped cream and blueberry jam
I always prefer butter cream to pair with scones


Assorted French Desserts... 

Another pics
Let's talk about the physalis. Also known as the Cape Gooseberry, physalis is an exotic fruit imported from Western Countries (I heard it was from Greece). Sweet with a note of acidity, this odd-looking berry fruit with husk attached make it a good match with sweet dessert!

The Smoked Salmon Bruschetta was pretty good

Some savoury pie, Quiche and sausage roll
Oh there is a waffle station with a young chef making some waffles on the go. However the waffle maker was not so ready yet and made a soft waffle. Not well prepared.

I am putting high expectation on this Afternoon Tea because it is offered by a 5-star hotel however it was all overrated. The only credit I must give to the female vocalist who performed during the day of visit. She made up the whole ambient. Great job!

After all I wished I could find a good and authentic English Afternoon Tea in KK here.


BUSINESS HOUR: 3PM - 5PM (High-Tea); 7AM - 12AM (Snacks and Beverage)

PHONE: 088-318888

The Pacific Sutera Hotel,
1 Sutera Harbour Boulevard,
Kota Kinabalu, 88100 Sabah, Malaysia


View Grace Point & Sutera Harbour in a larger map

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Beyond Veggie @ Suria Sabah Shopping Mall, KK


Beyond Veggie is a contemporary vegetarian restaurant created by the famous cake shop - Secret Recipe. They serve only vegetarian food, and some for the Vegan (no egg, no dairies) even the cakes! We all know that the fundamental of cake is flour, milk and egg, and some of the cakes here don't use eggs and milk as the ingredients! Instead, Beyond Veggie substitute with vegetable gum / gelatin which are Vegan-friendly.

You can find some traditional / Asian vegetarian food (assam "fish", mee sua, beancurd roll...etc) as well as some western food (pizzas, pasta...etc).

During our visit to this restaurant I was actually planned for the Western, however Ms.BigFish insist on the curry and rice... I shouldn't let her decide and complained here later. Will definitely pay another visit to try out the pasta and the Vegan's cake.

The greedy Ms. BigFish :D

The counter

Cakes... all but 2, are suitable for vegan

Assam Curd Cutlets with Assorted Beans and Eggplant (RM18.90)
Good taste, you might not notice this is actually a vegetarian curry!

Fortune Yam Basket (RM18)

The yam ring is good but it would be better if more gravy is added! Too dry!


View from the outside


12PM - 10PM


Lot G5, 1-8 & 1-79 G & 1st Floor,
Suria Sabah Shopping Centre,
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah


View Suria Sabah in a larger map

Sunday, 11 May 2014

The Hut Fusion Restaurant @ City Mall, Kota Kinabalu


The Hut at City Mall, Kota Kinabalu is owned and run by the second generation - inherited from the siblings' father. The family owned another branch at Damai too, but serving slightly different menu! I was told the menu was slightly modified from their father's to meet the changing demand of the diners at respective restaurants. You can find both Western and Local food here, as well as some light meals. This place is certified Halal too!


Orange Juice (RM6.90)

Sizzling Chicken Chop (RM17.90)
3 small pieces of de-boned chicken drumstick, grilled on the hot plate and simmered with a thick layer of salty gravy, served with vege and baked potato. Appetizing!

I don't mind to come back and eat this again!

Lamb Stew with Rice (RM14.90)
The portion was just nice, not too heavy for one person.

Lamb is cut to bite size and was perfectly stewed until soft and juicy. 



088-447411 (RESTAURANT)
012-8431383 (MOBILE)

GF, Block C, Lot S-0-11,
City Mall, 88300 Kota Kinabalu,


View City Mall in a larger map


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