Friday, 18 April 2014

How To Watch ntv7's Online?

Hi all! Have you watch me featured on ntv7 Chinese foodie program <Foodie Blogger> last Thursday (17/4/2014) night? Of course I did! With mouthful of chips and drinks squatting in front of TV! Nomnomnom.... Thanks for all the warmth sms, Whatsapps messages and FB chats, get to know you guys are all WONDERFUL feeling for me! I believed seeing your friend (that's me) featured on TV is something funny! I also hope that nobody feel DISTURBING with our act... I won't replace you with a NEW TV! Hehe...

For those who missed the show, there is a way to watch it ONLINE! Logon on to (or register one if you haven't do so) and you are just a click away from watching <Foodie Blogger> Season II, Episode 1, which introduced yummy food in Sabah! For more info. regarding <Foodie Blogger>, kindly click HERE.

Go to tonton's home page

Login or Register

1) Select the actual DATE of show (17/4/2014)
2) Drag to the actual TIME of show (23:00)
3) SELECT <Foodie Blogger>

Get ready your POPCORN!

Its me!!!

Bringing the TV HOST Ernest Chang to eat Tuaran Mee

As SIMPLE as 123! :D

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