Sunday, 23 March 2014

Not a Typical Coffee Experience:Typica Cafe No.2 @ Ampang New Village

Let's look at this phenomena currently happening at Klang Valley and Penang: new cafes sprung up like mushrooms; perhaps every 5 out of 10 owned by baristas who have won medal or award, or even owned by an international cupping judge. Most of them have great interior design (need BIG MONEY in the initial investment), beautiful latte art (girls like it) and always appear on magazines and social media (how long can they last?). I can easily Google "Top 10 Cafe in KL" or even make my own list if I've got enough time (but I don't); a popular cafe may gain a lot of attention (and business) but what's next? There are so many competitors out there but have we got enough customers? The question may well answered by the Typica Cafe: I saw they are shifting away from the mainstream: being different, being niche!

Typica Cafe

Typica Cafe has accumulated a group of hardcore fans over years. Being one of their supporters, I really don't mind paying more during my visit because I am not only drinking a cup of coffee at the cafe, but also a part of my learning curve -- about coffee. Typica Cafe imports raw coffee beans directly from the farmers and roast right there at the cafe. Sometime the owner visited coffee plantations and hand-pick the bean herself! Rest assured only perfect-beans were roasted because every baristas in Typica Cafe really know-how and even go to the extend of separating the round bean (the male bean) from the rest! The reason is because the round bean give slightly different type of characteristic with the normal bean. You see, every steps has a story to tell! The stories inherited from the coffee tree, from the planters, and the geographical / climates effects on the characteristics of the beans produced. Do not mention the aroma and taste which one's suppose to expect on every type of single origin coffee, which differ from one bean to another.

You see, people has learn more now about coffee and able to tell what kind of coffee they really want. Maybe that's the reason why Typica Cafe No.2 was born: to cater the niche, and to preserve the story.

The coffee tree

Coffee Bean - The award winning Lotus Panama Geisha 

Typica Cafe keep the coffee beans in small bottles

Coffee bean has different aroma before and after ground, hand-grinder let me experience and learn the difference

Enjoy the moment
BTW if you can see the background, which looks like a wooden "village" house.
It is an old wooden village house - then converted to a cafe, no kidding!

When the coffee bean became powder

Barista Ms Xiao Hui is using a syphon


Typica Cafe No.2 don't serve any espresso or cappuccino, however they do have cheese cakes, made by the baristas here at the cafe

Thanks for sharing us the stories, wish to come back again soon =)


PHONE: 03-42801711  (Please call this number for reservation or when you reach)

Typica Cafe No.2
342, Jalan Merdeka, Kampong Baru Ampang,
68000 Ampang, Kuala Lumpur


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