Friday, 14 March 2014

[Event] KKFBBF Gathering @ Open Kitchen Metro Town, Kota Kinabalu

KKFBBF is a short for the "Kota Kinabalu Food & Bakery Bake Fiesta", will be held at Suria Sabah Shopping Mall on 26th & 27th April, later this year. I was given the opportunity by event organizer, Mr Alfred Allen, to be part of the KKFBBF's blog's media! I am good at writing up good food but never thought of how to write up an event, I assume they are just about the same -- be honest!

KKFBBF '14 logo

This is the very first KKFBBF organized, and its open for public, free of course! So what can one expect here? From my understanding, the event would be a fusion between an exhibition and a carnival. The "food people" (restaurant or cafe owner, baker, food supplier...etc) show their best products / effort to the "hungry people" (people like me & you!). There are string of contests and games waiting for you, too!

My first KKFBBF in-house gathering was organized here at the Open Kitchen Metro Town, all sponsored by the restaurant's owner, Mr Forrest Yan. This is a restaurant which promotes healthy eating: it is strictly no MSG added to all dishes, low salt, less oil, and use locally produce organic veggies. Forrest is selling fresh veggies here too, organic!


Nyonya Laksa Meehoon
The "sambal" (chilies) was mixed with fried shallots, good combination!  

The organic veggies

Chicken Chop on Sabah Rice - comes with a small bowl of organic veggies

Yum Yum

Nyonya Assam Meehon
Not spicy

Steam Pot Rice - with Mushroom and veggies

Open Rice

The KKFBBK team members & guest

Wow! They are selling fertilizer too here!
The packing is really airtight!

Group photo


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