Thursday, 30 January 2014

Warung Padang Jawa & Catering @ Alamesra, Kota Kinabalu


Recently everyone is craving for Ayam Penyet in Kota Kinabalu, I only started to know about this Indonesian chicken rice since last year and still more to discover. Some of the restaurants already existed for quite some years but never detected in my food-searching radar. Maybe I am staying in my comfort zone and didn't explore much, which is a big NO-NO as a foodie blogger! I promise I will cover more variety of food and introduce to you guys -- my valued readers!

My first encounter of Ayam Penyet if not already consumed without my knowledge earlier, was Warung Bandung at Lintas Jaya. After I tried I immediately fall in love in this Indonesian chicken rice and started my foodiot's journey to look for the best Ayam Penyet in town. I tried one at Cyber Square and another one at Kepayan area-- not really satisfy with what I've got. Then until my friend Abby recommended me this restaurant at Alamesra, just opposite of 1Borneo Hypermall.

Warung Padang Jawa & Catering at Alamesra, near Seremban Crab Seafood Restaurant

It's all full when we reached here at 12pm, on Sunday

The Ayam Penyet -- fried chicken, punched (penyet) to almost flattened on the wooden plate

The secret recipe of every Ayam Penyet -- chillies, and the chicken marinates
The chillies at Warong Padang Jawa is very very spicy, take it or leave it!
No!!! I tried to finished all although my lips and tongue was almost getting numb! But trust me, it feel great! Yummy!

Every piece of chicken is dipped in flour batter then deep fried until golden, very juicy indeed.
Which fried chicken do you preferred, KFC, McD or MB? Of course is KFC! The fried chicken at Warung Padang Jawa is almost comparable to KFC! Almost!

Tempeh (Soybean Patty) ready to be served in the kitchen

The assistant chef showed us how to "tempeh" (punch) the chicken, very funny group of people =)

FOODIOT'S POINT: 80% (Very delicious chicken; beware of the chillies, very spicy; cleanliness of the restaurant should be improved)

7AM - 4PM (Until sold out)

Opposite row of Seremban Crab Seafood Restaurant, Alamesra, KK



Unknown said...

why padang jawa? you should try Koki Bandung which is also nearby. Their rice is addictive, their pecel lele (fish) is fragrant and crunchy and they even have salmon penyet! dont miss out on the sambal they serve too!

Unknown said...

Other than the shop, Resepi Mamak Restaurant nearby there also a good choice for Ayam Penyet~ Their chicken even bigger than Warung Jawa after Warung Jawa decrease their chicken size…

Frankie H said...

Thanks for sharing, Paulin Wong & Unknownav, I will give them a try when I am going there! Thx!!!


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