Saturday, 28 December 2013

Little Hut @ Kg. Mersilou, Sabah


Little Hut is a tiny little farmstay at the Mersilou Village, a small village which oversee the great Mount Kinabalu. The hut is managed by a Chinese couple, assisted by a locale lady who stay not far from here. We asked her more details about this place, out of curiosity, then she took out a picture and showed us the owner's photo. "Inilah boss kita..." She said in Malay with local slang, and pointed her finger to the faces of a couple at their 30's. They are the owner, so young! "Ramai yang tertanya-tanya..." She smiled with proud.

There are only 4 huts to choose from:

  • 1 x Double Occupancy Hut, without kitchen (Unbreak My Hut) <--- This name super funny laaa!!!
  • 1 x Triple Occupancy Hut, without kitchen (Incredible Hut
  • 2 x 5Pax Hut, with kitchen (Bizza Hut & Hut Attack)
All huts attached with a toilet.

For more info, visit their Facebook

After passed by Kg. Mersilou, you will see this signboard

Me, inside the Bizza Hut. Please ignore the messy dining table, we just arrived, was cold and tired.

View from the second floor, which is the sleeping area (I don't call it a "room"!)

The sofa cum single bed, just in front of the 2 Queen Size Bed

Very comfy bed...

Toilet at Lower Ground, just next to the kitchen

The kitchen. Only the cup noodle and Oreo was brought by us, the rest is provided by the Little Hut!

Shoe rack, slipper for indoor use is provided to protect your feet from cold tiles

The reception hut

Merry X'mas!!!

My best buddy and his girlfriend, Thong Thong

BigFish and the signboard


Got Tweety Bird?

The scallions farm! Just in front of the hut!

The tom cat wanting for food - in front of the Hut Attack


Our BBQ Iron Chef & my best buddy - Leon, will take care of the kitchen, which is located just outside of our hut. No ordinary BBQ we were having that evening, chicken wing was totally prohibited by the chef, let's see what we ate there~~

BBQ Egg Plant

BBQ Iron Chef is working on the food, while the cat supervise...

BBQ French Bean

Use only salt and butter. Yummy!

BBQ Bacon Wrapped Enoki Mushroom

The BBQ Iron Chef - Leon


Chef and the cat

BBQ Beef strip, slightly seasoned by herbs before cooked.
Very juicy and tender!

BBQ Lamb Chop ~ another best of the night! 

I am hungry already...

Grilled Button Mushroom with French Herbs

BBQ Sausage and candied pineapple

What is this???

What are you doing, Leon?!!!

Ahh~~ the sausages disappeared!!!

Dessert of the night


We rest very early the night before, so that we could catch the first sight of sunrise.
Mount Kinabalu view is just in front of us, if you asked me why I liked about travelling to Mersilou / Kundasang, I would tell you this: The magnificent view of the Mt. Kinabalu.

Around the Little Hut

Around the Little Hut

View at 5.30am, without any editing. Seriously!

The X'mas Gnome

The red Incredible Hut

Somewhere nearby the village, beautiful pine trees~~~

BigFish & the flowers, taken just behind the Bizza Hut

I am the flower-eating monster ~~~

Our breakfast

Had our Korean Instant Noodle which we bought from the Reception Hut

I wished I could just stay here 


Public shared Wifi is provided, but the internet connection speed very slow.
Luckily the mobile phone reception isn't bad here, I was using my own data throughout our stay at the Little Hut =)


Cats lover said...

I hope you guys fed the tom cat some food... he looked so sad :(

Frankie H said...

Nooooo!!! The cat is so fat and he is so full! XD

Anonymous said...

i wanna know how to book the chalet and the rate..please

Frankie H said...

Please check it on

Unknown said...

Hi. Wanna ask how did you all get there? By bus or drive a rental?

Unknown said...

Hi. Wanna ask how did u get there? Own transport or bus?

Unknown said...

Hi. Wanna ask how did you all get there? By bus or drive a rental?

Frankie H said...

Hi Eunice, I afraid the only access to Kg Mersilou is self-drive unless you are going to hire a driver

Unknown said...

how much it cost for one night stay ?

Unknown said...

how much it cost for one night stay ?

Frankie H said...

@_errora You can check out their FB


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