Sunday, 8 December 2013

Coffee Workshop @ Pregio by Barista Caffe, Metro Town Kota Kinabalu

I joined a Coffee Tasting and Latte Art Workshop at Pregio Cafe last November. The workshop was conducted in Mandarin and English by Mr. Chester Tam, who is a Coffee Instructor and cafe owner from Hong Kong. First, he taught us how to recognise the characteristics of a few selected Single Origin Coffee Beans: The Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia Yirgacheffe and Ethiopia Sidamo. Then, followed by Italian Coffee tasting, and finally, the theory and hands-on session of Latte Art.

This is how you can recognize a good coffee: Every coffee bean is in their best form when it is roasted within a week or two and,  the moment just grounded before use. It's fun to guess how would be the taste of the coffee from the aroma of the grounded coffee too!

Everyone get a small cup to sample the characteristic of these coffee beans

Waiting for my cup of Colombia, which is sour and light, suitable to drink after a heavy meal!

Italian Espresso, by the Espresso Machine

Look at the brown color crema, thats the magic of Italian Coffee or Espresso

Mr Chester was showing us the different between a Cappuccino Mug and a Latte Cup. I still don't get it HAHA! 

Coffee, or me? (No tea here)

Hardworking student HAHA

My first experience of Latte Art, under Chester's supervision, this is what I made! Heart Shape!

Not bad right?

Our group

Coffee Bean for sale

Me and the Cafe owners: Janice & Chester

Post-workshop dilemma: Why Starbucks' Cappuccino always filled with thick milk foam? Why some of the cups the barista make it so hot that it might cause burn?

The answer is obvious =)

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