Friday, 13 December 2013

Blue Marlin @ Metro Town, Kota Kinabalu

SERVE NO PORK | FISH NOODLE | METRO TOWN | 7.30AM-2.30PM | 088-383836

Blue Marlin is a organized and competitive swimming club for young and adults based in Sabah. I saw some group photo of children in their swimsuits and few other photos showing catches, some very big fish! So maybe from here you got an idea why a swimming club would linked with a restaurant specialised in Fish Noodle!

Recently Blue Marlin Swimming Club opened a restaurant at Metro Town, which is already full of eateries. If I am not mistaken, there are 2 more restaurant around there selling similar fish noodles too! Blue Marlin need to offer something special and unique to diners, if they want good business. We tried their fried fish eggs and Pumpkin Soup Fish Noodle, the latter was something new to us.

Blue Marlin at Metro Town, 20min drive from KK Town

Fried Fish Egg

Wall of Fame =)

Fried Fish Egg (Small- RM8.00)

Thats the eggs!

Fried Fish Cake (RM3.00 / piece)


Fish Noodle - mixed (RM9)
Consist of fried fish meat, fish maw, and fish ball.

Pumpkin soup: a note of sweetness

The Blue Marlin - not Marlin the clownfish!



CONTACT: 088-383836

Unit no. 7 & 8, Metro Town,
Ground Floor, Jalan Bungalow Ulam Raja,
88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia


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