Thursday, 8 August 2013

Typica Cafe @ Shaw Parade, KL


Coffea arabica varietal Typica, together with C. arabica var. Arabica, are the oldest type of Arabica coffee and the "ancestor" of many other coffee species grown today. Arabica Typica produces finest coffee bean but only in a small quantity. Taking commercial values into consideration, most coffee farmers preferred the other types of Arabica coffee which harvest more beans and better in disease resistant.

Occupying a small corner at Shaw Parade near Berjaya Time Square KL since 4 years ago, Typica Cafe is famous for their consistently high quality cup of coffee. You can expect a very unique coffee experience here, just like a coffee classroom or laboratory. Typica Cafe know their coffee very well, they hand pick and roast their own coffee bean! Depends on supply, you can get a few varieties of single origin coffee here.

Entrance of Typica Cafe, near the rear entrance of
Shaw Parade, Ground Floor

Hand-packed coffee powder for take-away.
To ensure the best quality of coffee, all these hand-packed coffee
are prepared  in small quantity and on daily basis.
RM3.80/pack for Central America Arabica and Malaysian Liberica

Honey Ice Dripped Coffee
Ice Drip is the method Typica Cafe used for any
ice coffee here.

Potato Cheese Cake (Left) and Orange Cheese Cake

I prefered the orange cheese cake :)


Mango Ice Dripped Coffee, naturally ripened sweet mango with some
hints of sour Pamelo. What a great combination! 

This is how to "eat" a coffee 

Big Fish
Just a simple advice here: Do not panic with the coffee menu at Typica Cafe, just describe how you like your coffee to be. For example, I don't prefer my coffee too sour and I don't mind trying some fruity or flowery scent coffee... just tell your barista and let them recommend! Else, just follow your sense! If you are looking for Kopi Luwak or Geisha here, do pay a visit to Typica Cafe ASAP before the bean sold out!


11am - 9pm (Opens Daily)


018-309 0328

Typica Cafe 豆原
GL-08, Shaw Parade, 
Jalan Changkat Thambi Dollah,
55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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