Wednesday, 17 July 2013

I Lotus Seafood Restaurant @ Kepayan Point, KK

When I first saw this newly opened restaurant at Kepayan Point, I really thought it was some vegetarian restaurant because we always linked lotus with Buddhism! In fact, I Lotus Seafood Restaurant is a Halal restaurant who offer something different in their seafood dishes.

These super-size pumpkins are  served as the "pot" for the signature dish
Seafood Pumpkin Pot. Sorry for those walk-in customers, patrons are
required to pre-book this dishes in advance.  

Not so much of live seafood, but there are many choices on the menu for
you to choose!

Geoduck, or Elephant Trunk Clam, RM38/kg

Seafood of the day -- Curry Prawn in Coconut Shell with Fried Mantao
(bun) (RM38), very creamy curry best to eat with the bun!

Steamed Grouper (RM90), live fish guaranteed!

Tofu with Seafood (RM15), great taste!

White Clam Cooked with Ginger (RM30)

Geoduck in "Kong Poh" Style (fried with dried chillies and onions (RM38) 

I Lotus Seafood Restaurant is located at the new commercial area called
Kepayan Point. Senheng Electrical Store is located at the first row,
you can find I Lotus behind it. 



Block C, Lot 13, Ground Floor,
Kepayan Point Shoplots,
88200 Kota Kinabalu,
Sabah, Malaysia

View Kepayan Point in a larger map


Anonymous said...

I'm feel very disappointed with the dish- shark maw...I never ever ate a dish like this...1 word for discribe this dish "Rubbish Food"'s cost RM60/kg!!! When I saw the bill for this item is RM420...Oh My God, d captain said tat was 7kg for that...taste no good, hardly put inside my mouth... 1st time I go there for having my dinner (x'mas eve dinner) with family but the food not as my expected nice & delicious...:(

Anonymous said...

But at last, they also give me a reasonable price for the dish....I'm also very appreaciated with that..thank u! MERRY CHRISTMAS...

Frankie H said...

Thx for visiting Foodiotkk...So you paid RM420 for the dinner? May I ask how many of you?


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