Monday, 29 July 2013

Grill'z Kitchen @ Kepayan Point, Kota Kinabalu


Yet another Western Food restaurant specialized in pork opened in Kota Kinabalu. Grill'z Kitchen was half full during my first visit (Sunday afternoon) and full house during my second food hunt (Sunday evening) here! This was kinda surprise because my first encounter was pretty upset by the food and services but during the recent visit there, I was impressed!

Incompetent Staff vs Fast Service 

During the first visit, I guessed the waitress who took our orders was still under training so she can't really say more than she could. But a week's later, the service crew responded to us quite fast despite the crazy crowd during that evening! Our drinks and burgers was served in just within 15 minutes after the crew took our order, cool! Talking about the food quality? Everything during the first visit only merely hit my 70% passing mark only but the signature pork and chicken steak burger was really fascinating, 80% was given! It could have hit 85% but I will tell my reason why, in the caption below.

Fusion? Or Mutant?!

When East meet West, the combination often created some sparks. Some is good, some is bad though... a mutant, eh? For example, a "lap cheong" (chinese sausage) pizza. I just can't buy the idea of having a "lap cheong" pairing with "bread", but it can be improve by adding in more cheese and sun dried tomato, and perhaps, some onion. Maybe it will balance up the strong characteristic of "lap cheong" with the presence of cheese, more cheese!

However, the grilled lamb cube with cut chillies and soy sauce was just really good!


Lemonade (RM8.90)

Hot Milo (RM5)

Creme De Fungi aka Mushroom Soup (RM5.90)
Taste good!

Lamb Cube (RM9.90)
A snack portion of grilled lamb, must try!

Seafood Aglio Olio (RM15.90)
Fresh and big seafood but not enough / not using extra virgin olive oil 

Look at the number of seafood... Really worth it!
Hope they keep up with this standard!

Porco Pizza (RM14.90)
It's their signature dish, but....

Can you see it? It taste like lap cheong, smell like lap cheong, and
looks like lap cheong too! Its so creative!
My only suggestion is to add more cheese!

Burger Palace (RM11.90)
A grilled chicken steak burger

Pretty good, but too much mustard made it too sour!

Pork-zilla Burger (RM12.90)
This is the best food I rated here

Yummy! But the fries was soggy when served.

At the first floor, near Senheng Electrical Store

Grill'z Kitchen is a restaurant perfect for family dining. Their menu was extensive (although not all available) and comes with a good portion - not too big for children, not too small for adult. The location is good too, situated just beside the Penampang-Bypass Highway, Grill'z Kitchen was convenient to reach by many.

FOODIOT'S POINT: 80% (Happy to see the improvement; minor touch up recommended)

BUSINESS HOUR: 12pm - 12am

PHONE: 088-701300

Block A, Lot 3 & 3A, 1st Floor,
Kepayan Point, 88200 Kota Kinabalu,

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