Sunday, 21 July 2013

Bazaar Ramadhan @ Army Camp Lok Kawi, Sabah

I grown up in a community where the Malays are the majority in our neighbourhoods. During the fasting month there are at least one Bazaar Ramadhan in every 3KM radius selling all kind of foods and drinks. My mom always allowed me to buy some kuih or drinks from the food stall during the evening. I would never missed kuih pelita (a kind of dessert made with coconut milk and palm sugar), kuih koci, ayam percik (barbecued chicken with special gravy) and sometimes, nasi tomato ayam (chicken cooked in chillies and tomato, serve with rice) if mom decided to take a break from preparing dinner that evening. I was regular to some food stalls especially those hawkers who live nearby my neighbourhood, until some of them already knew what is my favourite!

I am still clearly remembered the high quality of food our Malay friends prepared during this sacred month. Looking for a substandard Lemang, Roti Jala or Murtabak Ayam is quite difficult, seriously, but that was back in early 2000...

Bazaar Ramadhan at Army Camp, Lok Kawi, 5km from KKIA airport

Fried Popiah

Roasted Chicken - SOLD OUT at 3.30pm!!!

Kuih Mayam - SOLD OUT at 3.30pm!!!

Must be very popular here....

This year a lot of food stalls selling Grilled Lamb Chop, I wonder why
everyone selling the same thing!

Colorful Drinks

Supersized Roti John for only RM5


Satar, a otak-otak-alike delicacies with extra hints of spice. RM3 each

Food sells at Bazaar Ramadhan are not cheap, so buy wisely and don't buy if you can't finish them.

BUSINESS HOUR: 2.00pm - 7.00pm (mostly finished by 6pm)

LOCATION: Army Camp Lok Kawi (10 minutes drive from KKIA)

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