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Yamagoya Ramen, Gaya Street, KK


Yamagoya Ramen is a franchise ramen restaurant from Kyushu (九州) , Japan, which now rapidly expanding their brand name in oversea since first established in 1969. I was learn that Kyushu Ramen are a kind of its own: The soup is made of double boiled pork bone, instead of miso (Japanese bean paste, eg. Miso Soup). I am still remember how delicious it was when I tried one ramen in XiMenDing (西门町), Taipei: the soup says it all!

Yamagoya Ramen Gaya Street, KK, occupied the space previously owned by Wishbone, same row with Bombers Burger and Bella Italia. Before I published this blog post I saw some mixed comments on FB and blogs, particular people were complaining the price tag and the soup was too salty.

Coincidentally, BigFish & I witnessed one complaints, just happened during our visit to Yamagoya Ramen last Sunday. I cannot recall the whole details but the lady sat nearby called the waiter and start commenting the quantity of pork slice was way too little and doesn't match the price. Finally she was offered an additional bowl of pork slices I believe, but still complaining with her friend.

Let's see what we've got there:

Spicy Tobanjan Ramen (RM20)
Spicy Bean Paste Soup Ramen with Pork Slice, seaweed and beansprout.
Soup: Very close to expectation
Saltiness level: Just nice

Mukashi Special Ramen (RM22)
This is their signature ramen, with pork bone soup (they air-flown the
soup's paste from Japan), hard boiled egg (yummy!!!), bamboo shoot,
pork slice (they called it charsiew) and a piece of seaweed.
Saltiness: Overdose, however Ramen soup are generally very
strong in flavor and are quite salty.

 Now, let's look at the menu:

If you can see clearly, on the pictures only can see 2~3 slices of pork
The price also stated clearly there...
Mugi-cha & Green Tea (RM2 each)

Not too soggy ramen, just nice!

Gyozya (RM11)
Can't remember how many pieces (6?), this photo too much DOF hehe....

Love this egg so much! How they make it?? The egg white was hard but the
egg yolk still silky soft!!!

Most Japanese Ramen priced around RM15 - RM30 depending on the type of Ramen, normally the cheapest option goes to the fresh corn and vegetables ramen with no meat. The number of pork on each bowl of ramen in any Ramen restaurant is also quite standard: only 3-5 thin slices of pork are given. My friend even told me that the Yamagoya's Mukashi Special Ramen at Publica KL cost RM24, RM2 extra compared to this KK branch! So for me, paying RM60+ for 2pax with 2 bowl of ramen, tea and one side dish (Gyozya) was just reasonable, don't forget nowadays we do pay 10% service tax to any proper restaurant.




Lot 109, Jalan Gaya,
88100 Kota Kinabalu,

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