Sunday, 9 June 2013

The UNLIMITED Satay @ Sipitang, Sabah


At Medan Satay here, once the diners settle down, almost immediately the Satay stall owners serve a big tray of Satay (BBQ Meat Skewer) choose from chicken, beef, mutton and the chicken giblets on the table. They never ask how many skewers you'd like to order, the Satay was served on the tray and diners pay only the quantity they ate. If you managed to finish all Satay in front of you, the stall owner will immediate "TOP-UP" for you!

I never seen such practice anywhere in Malaysia before. Not in Kajang.

Chicken and Mutton Satay, RM0.50 each


Another difference between East and West Malaysia Satay is: At Sabah here you won't see Cucumber and Onion. Some how this is how Sabahan eat Satay. 

Remember to say "Boss Kira" before you leave because you do need to pay for what you eat! 

FOODIOT'S POINT: 80% (At a random satay stall)

BUSINESS HOUR: Most Satay Stall here opens for Lunch and Dinner

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