Sunday, 23 June 2013

Cafe De Vie @ Lintas Plaza, Kota Kinabalu


If you ask me where is the best Mille Crepe in Malaysia, I would definitely pointing you to Melacca's Nadeje. Currently many cafes in KL has included Mille Crepe in the menu but only a few are made equivalent to Nadeje's quality. You may asked again what is a good Mille Crepe and what is a bad one. Well, try 'em, I am sure you can tell the difference too! The presentation, the sweetness, the cream, the balance of texture when your tongue and teeth touch the crepe... etc. Some Mille Crepe is very hard, not moist enough that you might think it's a layers of popiah skin instead of well-done crepes.

I was told that in KK. there are one or two homemade Mille Crepe here already, but so far the newly opened Cafe De Vie at Lintas Plaza, is the only one making and selling Mille Crepe in a store. BigFish & I tried once in the cafe, then few days ago I ordered a big 1.5kg Mango Mille Crepe which is off-menu.

Swiss Chocolate Velvet Crepe Cake (RM11.90)
The crepe is a little bit too hard, didn't stand when I tried to cut
through using the fork, although generally is OK.

Peach Passion Crepe Cake (RM11.90)
Love this, sweetened peach with perfectly balanced cream in between.

Look at these beautiful layers of crepe, in French, Mille actually means
a thousand. So, Mille Crepe is translated as "a thousand layers of crepe",
of course you are not expecting a thousand layers here, do you?

I bought a Mango Mille Crepe during our company's celebration
of May Birthday Babe. RM120/ 1.5kg. Good value!

The idea was pretty much the same as the Peach's, but the mango they
used is already sweet with a hint of sour, a perfect dessert for
everyone after heavy meal!

BTW they do serve proper western food as well. Go for lunch or dinner!

(Great opportunity to be the pioneer of Mille Crepe in Sabah. Limited street parking, similar issues faced by any other good businesses in Lintas Plaza.)

CONTACT: 088-260633

Lot No.15-0 LLP No.4,
Lintas Plaza Phase 2B,
Lot No. 103, Jalan Lintas,
88300 Kota Kinabalu,


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litrean said...

Great review. 1st time leaving comments in ur blogs! do i need to preorder those mille crepe, or simply just walk-in?

Frankie H said...

Hi Litrean, yes you can walk in for a slice or two, but u do need to book ahead for a whole 1kg mille crepe! Cheers!

Unknown said...

hi...maybe u trying the mille creper,its not the true chef making one.because i know the chef no more work there anymore.


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