Monday, 17 June 2013

Breads & More @ Grace Point, KK


Lunch hang out & macaroons hunting with BigFish at Grace Point, Kota Kinabalu here, we found this XL-size macaroon at Breads & More, a bakery cafe owned by Pacific Sutera (Sutera Harbour Group). Big varieties of mouth watering desserts, cakes, brownies as well as bring-home German bread and sandwiches for the lunch option, expects 5-stars hotel quality confectioneries at Breads & More here because those people behind the curtain are same!

Everyday they will make different flavors of macaroons, its LIMITED too!

Yum Yum!!!!

Durian (Front) and Strawberry Macaroons (RM5 each)
Their macaroons is slightly bigger (~6cm) than the normal (~4cm) one.

I preferred durian one... although the cookies was a bit lacking of texture
(Probably personal preference, very difficult to describe by wordings!)

Will visit again for a quick lunch =)


BUSINESS HOUR: 7.00am to 10.00pm


Grace Point Food Court,
Jalan Sembulan,
88000 Kota Kinabalu,


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Anonymous said...

Being regular customers of the bakery I say thumbs up to the selection of delicacies there...except for one disappointment : the pizza - we bought two recently and were really disappointed cos they were soggy and dripping with chilli sauce...and the capsicum carrot topping was actually raw like salad. Good pizzaz use tomato puree as base, not chilli sauce please. And the fact that the pizzaz were drenched in chilli sauce had ruined our appetite altogether. Breads and More really needs to improve on its pizza making.

Frankie H said...

Thanks for the comment! I wish Sutera Harbour Head Chef have seen this and improve the pizza in this small outlet!


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