Sunday, 16 December 2012

My Big Fat Burger From Brooklyn @ Lintas Plaza, KK

When I am writing this blog I am watching Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution which he filmed in Huntington, West Virginia, USA. Huntington was declared statistically as the unhealthiest city in the America. Being successful in his school canteen food program in UK, Jamie's objective was to introduce changes in people's daily menu so to bring in a healthier life.

In this TV program which he won the 2010 Emmy's Best Reality Show, Jamie openly against the use of "pink slime" in processed food products. "Pink slime" is referred as the processed beef trimmings, such as the attached meat and fat to the skin which was discarded during slaughtering of livestock. So these are the recycled meat, which was supposed to be rubbish to most of us, being used as additive to the beef patty or any other processed meat. This topic was so popular at that time, and still discussing, even the McDonald's have to clarify that they will reduce the use of these rubbish meat!

Back to business.

Brooklyn offers freshly made meat patty burger by their chefs. The burger is very big, a medium size burger like what I had that evening is already bigger than the MegaMac or the Carl's Jr! They do have one biggest burger in the menu, perhaps, the biggest anyone can find in Malaysia -- The Brooklyn Cyclone Burger. This gigantic burger weight just more than 1kg and comes with a "Man v. Food" -style challenge: Finish it within 45min and its FREE!!!

If you failed the challenge, RM55.90++ will appear on the bill.

Only the HULK can finish this!
For the list of challengers please visit their FB page. If I am not wrong, only 10% of the challengers managed to finish it! Crazy bah...

Inside the restaurant....

The burger menu...


Bloody Eyeball Quencher (RM8.90)
A ribena-like drink with 2 pieces of sweetened Laichee stuffed with a small
cube of Leongfun. Smart try!
Brooklyn NYC Burger (RM23.80)

Load-full of lettuce, tomatoes and onion

"I See You"

Next to Moo Cow Cafe and Tutti Frutti at Lintas Plaza


088-486353 / 016-3874575 (Omry Lim, Outlet Manager)

Brooklyn Restaurant Lintas Plaza
No. 17-0, Ground Floor,
Lorong Lintas Plaza 4,
Lintas Plaza Phase 2B,
88300 Kota Kinabalu,

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