Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Buffet Steamboat @ QQ Cafe, Jalan Penampang Bypass, KK


This is a long awaited revisit to this free-flow buffet steamboat restaurant since my last blogged about their delicious Melacca-style Satay Celup, about a year ago. The Satay Celup, however, has been discontinued few months ago. Hence I temporary shut down the review page until my revisit again to avoid incorrect info.

QQ Cafe is located just beside the Penampang Bypass Highway, across the road you can find the Millennium CKS Supermarket and KFC. QQ Cafe offers buffet steamboat in the evening. Pay just RM25 per person and you can enjoy big varieties of seafood, meat, and others, all you can eat! There are 2 hotpot on every table, which you can choose 2 types of soup from the list: Chicken soup, kimchi, tomyam and the new one, tomato soup. 

Some standard ingredients for steamboat!

Fresh seeafood
Steamboat with tomato soup

My mixture of sauces with chilli paste, sweet chilli, sweet bean
paste and sesame oil

Start eating!!!

Deep fried wonton

Fresh Seafood

Do-your-own BBQ~

Meow asked for free food =)

Lastly, free flow soft serve cones!!!

FOODIOT'S POINT: 79% (Good for those who has big appetite; a place for quantity)

Lunch (Noodle only)
Dinner (Buffet Steamboat) 


Lot8, Ground Floor, 
Damas 118 Plaza, Inter Corner, 
Jalan Penampang By-pass, 
88200 Penampang, Kota Kinabalu


View Damas 118 Plaza in a larger map


fashgrace said...

argh! i just came back from KK! and i miss all these nice food!!

Frankie H said...

Hi Ann~ u came here for vacation?
Yeah! I am from KL but I think KK food is great!

fashgrace said...

yup! i came here for vacation! i've see all your review is all bout KK, i should have bound into your blog before i go there so that i can know what's the best food in town! haha
anyway! nice blog!!so informative!

danyiel richard said...

i like all food in thare..nice food...i will come again.


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